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Wednesday, November 11, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** The band takes the field in this installment of my series Randomly Belated Videos from the Ole Miss Game. At around 1:45, the photographer near the drum major hits the dirt.

[JDH – 2:50 p.m.]

*** Jeff Lebo lands Shawn Kemp Jr. Happy Wednesday.— [JDH – 2:31 p.m.]

*** Got 13?: Tuscaloosa has a history of owning national titles wherever they can find them, so sloths of T-Town rejoice! TWER has learned from an anonymous tip that while Auburn is only the country’s second best place to live, the Druid City has been named the laziest in America!


To be fair, this could simply be the result of the freakish amount of toxins in the air. Either way, Roll (’em outta bed and onto the crane, quick!) Tide. — [JDH – 9:18 a.m.]

*** Good morning and War Eagle! In honor of Veterans Day, click here to read something I whipped together last year on Marine Corps Gen. Holland “Howlin’ Mad” Smith’s time at Auburn. Gen. Smith was a veteran of World Wars I and II and considered by many to be the father of modern amphibious warfare.


From Coral and Brass, by Holland M. Smith:

I was now sixteen and the old school at Seale had nothing more to offer, so in 1898 I entered Alabama Polytechnic Institute as a sophomore. The Institute is a military school at Auburn, in Lee County, next to Russell County, and that time the military commandant was Colonel B.S. Patrick. The rank was purely honorary but the school had a definite military flavor. We wore the Confederate gray uniform and followed a dull routine of parades, drills and rifle exercises which seemed puerile to me. I objected to every military detail. Everything military about the place offended me and the fact that I barely graduated is a pretty good indication of my interest in the preponderantly military side. But still, I loved my Alma Mater.

However, two extra-curricular activities justified my three years at the Polytechnic. I became a good sprinter and a student of Napoleon.

Know of any veterans that went to Auburn University that we should write about today? Let us know. — [JMC – 8:30 a.m.]

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