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Monday, November 9, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

***  IDA know about this. ida

[JDH – 2:25 p.m.]

*** Auburn coaches, past and present, are in the mix for the now-vacant head coaching position at the University of Memphis.

According to ESPN this afternoon: “Memphis is expected to attempt to hire a high-profile coach. Possible candidates include former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville; Division II North Alabama coach Terry Bowden, another former Auburn coach; Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn; and LSU assistant Larry Porter, the former Memphis running back.”

Let the hand-wringing about Malzahn’s departure begin … anew! — [JMC – 3 p.m.]

*** Chris Todd’s one incomplete pass vs. Furman.

Bounced off the finger tips of a lunging Kodi Burns. There’s irony or something like it there somewhere.

The 17 other passes broke Jason Campbell’s single-game record for completion percentage. — [JDH – 2:25 p.m.]

*** Hey Jenny Slater’s Doug Gillett, in 2005, on AU-UGA, 2004:

At least when Georgia got prison-shower-raped by Auburn last year, we could just throw up our hands and say well, Auburn was an unstoppable juggernaut preordained by God to roll to 13-0 by napalming every team in their way.

[JDH – 1:27 p.m.]


Check out that necklace thing.

Carnell ‘Cadillac’ Williams might be the best bowler in the NFL. His high game is 279. Nine strikes in a row.

I’ve never been under that much pressure on a football field.

Also, he doesn’t hate, just “strongly dislikes” Bama. Sounds like a personal problem.

But I think my favorite quote of this Q’n’A is the McCalebb-esque response to a question regarding his Web habits:

The other weekly question is, what Web site do you visit the most?

I’m not real big on sitting on the computer. But I have to admit, the Web site I visit the most is probably Bank of America. I visit that one a lot. Let’s just say I visit Bank of America very frequently.

[JDH – 10:54 a.m.]

*** You know… just cause.

I mean, it was so obviously an interception, I got up and left the room. Didn’t need to stick around. ‘Alright,’ I thought. ‘LSU’ll have one more chance. Now for a ginger beer…’ 

My Dad was at Wild Wings. Lots of Bama fans watching. ‘They knew it was an interception.’ — [JDH – 9:15 a.m.]

*** A few hours after he announced he was coming to Auburn, Michael Dyer racked up 221 yards and 5 touchdowns. — [JDH – 8:32 a.m.]

*** In case you haven’t seen, there are, I think, 99 sideline photos from Kevin Strickland located here. — [JDH – 8:30 a.m.]

*** The Plainsman’s News Editor goes to The Fest? Yes. The Mobile Press-Register reads TWER? Maybe. — [JDH – 8:30 a.m.]

*** bopony

Bo Jackson’s daughter Morgan Jackson, a sophomore in Communication Disorders, never pays for parking tickets. Nor should she.

And she can apparently still ring up Nike and get anything she wants, which is good to hear.

Photo via.

[JDH – 8:20 a.m.]

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