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Friday, November 6, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** More on that from ESPN:

“The last few weeks, me and Marcus Lattimore have had conversations and sent texts back and forth trying to figure out what’s going on and to see if he’s going to go to Auburn or not,” Dyer said. “I told him it would be great for both of us to come out there and tag-team and run the ball. He seemed to be very respectful like he would fit into Auburn. I have been working on him to get him to commit there. He’s a nice guy and it would be pretty amazing to get him to commit to Auburn.”

[JDH – 3:14 p.m.]

*** Michael Dyer, today on Dunaway and Brown, on whether he’s going to be actively recruiting, you know, other top-ranked running backs to Auburn:

“I am definitely recruiting now… I am. Marcus Lattimore, I am definitely going to do my best to get him on board… get all the talent we can get.”

[JDH – 1:06 p.m.]

*** ‘… a little home-work against Furman’:aufurman

When Auburn and Furman play, Auburn wins.

The Tigers and the Palladins have squared off three times.

Auburn averages 39.6 points a game against Furman.

Furman averages 2 points a game against Auburn.

The first game was played October 5, 1946. It was Homecoming. It was hot.

Auburn quarterback “Travelin’ Travis” Tidwell had a field day. He earned – on 18 carries –  222 of Auburn’s 400 yards rushing. He completed four of his six passes. What a man.

1955 (Auburn 52 – Furman 0) was completely slaughteriffic.

I’ll let the Glom, which described the game as “a little home-work,” handle it.

After passing the Big Three test with flying colors, the Tigers returned to Cliff Hare Stadium to do a little home-work against Furman. And those who were there will tell you that Coach Jordan’s boys had learned their lessons well, as they trounced the outmanned Purple Hurricane, 52-0. Breathing easily for the first time all season, the Plains-men gained a total of 467 yards, compared to Furman’s 22, and held a 22-3 edge in first downs. There were no individual stars for Auburn this time—they were all great, all the way down the line from the fourth-year men to the sophomores seeing their first varsity action. After holding the Tigers scoreless for the first ten minutes, Furman’s inadequate bench began to tell, and from the moment when Jimmy Cook scooted over from the 15 in the First period until the final gun had sounded, it was all Auburn. Cook and Joe Childress had two touchdowns each, with Alton Shell, Howell Tubbs, Ronnie Whitlock and Pat Meagher each getting one. The entire forward wall was at its usual top form, holding Furman to only 12 yards rushing and harassing would-be passers. All were smiles in Auburn that day as the Greater Auburn Band reminded everyone of the next week’s foe, Tulane and the Sugar Bowl—with ‘Way Down Yonder in New Orleans.’

An opening loss to Tennessee had the Tigers pissed for the 1956 game (41-0). Yardage-wise, it was even worse than ’55: Auburn had 524 yards rushing, 587 total.

Furman…. only God knows how many “yards” Furman had. And He wishes He didn’t.

Play us off, 1957 Glom!

Still smarting under the humiliation of their own mistakes in the opener, Auburn loosed its fury on Furman and finished with a 41-0 win before an estimated 15, 000 in Cliff Hare Stadium. All told, Coach Shug Jordan’s forces rolled up 587 yards, 524 of them on the ground, against the South Carolinians. The leading ground gainers were Tommy Lorino with 128 yards, Howell Tubbs with 93, and Jim Walsh with 89. It was a day of long runs with Lorino galloping 34 and Jimmy Cook running 21 for first-half TD’s. Billy Kitchens carried the third Tiger six-pointer over from the one-yard line early in the second half after Lorino had set up the score with a 55-yard gallop. Kitchens tallied again in the same period, this time from the four, after Walsh’s fine running had put the Tigers in scoring position. The Auburn point parade was completed in the final period as Tubbs and Louis Preis reached paydirt on runs of 55 and 39 yards. Tubbs kicked four extra points, and Jerry Wilson booted the other.

Photo via AU Libraries.

[JDH – 10:11 a.m.]

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