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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** Remember that whole Haley Center, Super Friends street theater story from yesterday?

Is this what they were talking about? (Watch all the way to the end).

[JDH – 3:21 p.m.]

*** Vulture Whale, featured on this site back in September, is generously offering their “Bamboo You” EP for free if you sign up to be on their mailing list.

Don't let the colors fool you: Vulture Whale's Keelan Parish bleeds orange and blue.
Don't let the colors fool you: Vulture Whale's Keelan Parish bleeds orange and blue.

“Bamboo You” is described as a blend of Vulture Whale’s “unique brand of eccentric rock with its love of British music. The result is six songs that are among some of the best and most inspired of any in the Vulture Whale catalog.”

Click here for the link to their offer.

They are playing two shows in Birmingham in December: Dec. 4 @ The Nick and the day after Christmas at Bottletree. — [JMC – 1:55 p.m.]

*** The marketability of Bostalgia has been tapped again, this time with a pixelated rendering of Bo at the bat slapped on the insole of Nike’s new “Bo Knows” Cross Trainers.

A short time line:

1989 – Nike signs Bo Jackson to “Bo Knows” promotional deal for Cross Trainer concept born of Bo’s supernatural versatility.

2009 – Nike creates shoe line based not on Jackson’s awesomeness and supernatural versatility, per se, but their own 20-year-old slogan for it.

This makes Jackson not only the only person awesome enough to have their 20-year-old digital counterpart awesome enough to have its own line of shoes, but the only person awesome enough to have the marketing campaign built around that awesomeness awesome enough to have it’s own pair of shoes. — [JDH – 1:09 p.m.]

*** fooddrive

It’s that time again, time for when the rivalry is actually healthy, at least for hungry folks.

Yes, it’s time for the 16th annual Beat Bama Food Drive.

Those mofos have bounced back from seven straight beat downs (2000-2006) with a two-year streak of their own. In 2007, they beat us by 54,319 lbs. Last year — 58,617 lbs — was even worse. Yes, they’ve got more people to hit up. Yes, because those people aren’t as generous or caring, they’re probably cheating. But it was always thus and it’s never stopped us before.

The most effective way you can help is to actually donate online. It’s safe. It’s tax deductible. And it allows the experts to buy strategically.

You’ve got, like, three weeks! Click, click!

[JDH – 9:00 a.m.]

*** If you weren’t already aware, it’s Thomas J. Warr’s birthday. — [JDH – 8:51 a.m.]

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