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Monday, November 2, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** In wetlands fundraising news … the University of Alabama chapter of Ducks Unlimited is rolling out the big guns, according to The Tuscaloosa News. In an attempt to knock off Auburn’s chapter from its lofty perch as the No. 1 fundraising college chapter in the state (without even really trying, I’m sure), the UAT chapter is … are you ready for it? … going to hold their annual dinner at a … gulp … conference center! Egad! The bastards! In their world, the thinking goes that just having the name “Bryant” on it will get people in the doors.

The Auburn University chapter will hold its fundraising dinner at the Auburn Armory on Tuesday, Nov. 10. Click here for more info.

Remember to check The War Eagle Reader often for all your wetlands-fundraising-powered-by-conjuring-up-the-name-Bryant-and-Auburn-in-the-same-story news. — [JMC – 2:55 p.m.]

*** Auburn picks up another five-star recruit over the weekend … in swimming. From “Lane 9” on

Auburn keeps on picking up top level recruits in what is fast becoming the top overall class in the nation. Five star Olivia Scott, who swims for the Academy Bullets and preps at Rosary High, committed to Auburn over the weekend. She owns long course senior national cuts in the 50-meter free (26.55), 100-meter free (57.16), 100-meter back (1:03.51), 200-meter back (2:17.61), 100-meter fly (59.87) and 200-meter IM (2:19.36). She also has B cuts in the 100-yard free (49.95), 100-yard back (54.84), 200-yard back (1:58.18) and 100-yard fly (53.49).

She joins a huge class including six star Dagny Knutson as well as five stars Emily Bos, Nimrod Hayet, Dakota Hodgson, Haley Krakoski, TJ Leon, Chris Manning, Evan Noble and Erin Reisinger.

I had no idea there was a ranking system for swimming or for that matter a possible SIX stars when judging swimming recruits. But I like the sound of “top overall class.” War Water Eagle! — [JMC – 2:11 p.m.]

*** According to a recent tweet, good ol’ Takeo “only found out a few years ago” that he was related (cousins) to Brandon Spikes, who for this:

Urban Meyer has suspended for just one half… against Vanderbilt.

[JDH – 12:32 p.m.]

*** Thom Gossom to speak at the Montgomery Quarterback Club tomorrow night:

When Auburn University was searching for a new head football coach late last year, Thom Gossom was like many Tiger fans. He wanted to see his former school make a bold statement and hire a winning African-American coach — namely Turner Gill — and he said so, publicly.

But when Auburn settled on Gene Chizik last Dec. 13, Gossom publicly supported Auburn’s new coach, even though privately he was disappointed.

Now that Chizik has gone through his first rough patch as Auburn’s coach, Gossom is not backing away from that sup port. Chizik is Auburn’s coach, so Chizik is Gos som’s guy.

“We as Auburn fans just have to be patient,” Gossom said before Auburn snapped a three-game losing streak by upsetting Ole Miss at home on Saturday. “We’ve got to give him time to recruit and bring in the players he wants.

“I think Auburn fans will give him that time.”

Thom will have a new column up soon.

[JDH – 10:09 a.m.]

*** Chris Shelling Jr said he was coming to the Ole Miss game to “save Auburn.” Looks like the Super Friends beat him to it:

Yesterday in Physics someone’s phone went off to the tune of the Justice League. After the professor paused his lecture to acknowledge the phone, the kid answered his phone and replied, “The University is in trouble?! We’re on our way!” The kid stood up, ripped off his t-shirt, revealed the Superman costume underneath, and exclaimed “Super Friends, Assemble!” Scattered across the class of about 150, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, and Flash all stood up and promptly left the class to save Auburn University.

h/y/g/y/h/j/k @kennysmith

[JDH – 8:55 a.m.]

*** To make up for the 3rd annual Hightower Halloween Party I missed in Mobile, and in memorial to the AU scene Halloween gallery I never got around to posting, today’s TDB is anchored by this photo of Auburn’s Dead By Dawn, taken Halloween 2000, at a very young W6 House (pre-W6?).

from left to right: Kelly Gothard, Treevy McHightower (guitar), Pumpy Henderson (Nanny's old porta-organ), and Denny Wayne (drums).

Check out that Britney Spears ‘Milk’ posterettes, one of the one’s Kroger used to pass out I think.

[JDH – 8:35 a.m.]

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