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Spread Sheets 11.13.09

War Damn Eagle, Tiger fans – what an awesome couple of weeks.  Boy did we need that.

I figure that, with the season now mostly in the books, we can look at this Auburn team both from an overall perspective, and from the perspective of meaningful/non-cupcake games.  With that in mind, I’ve updated all the charts with all the data from the past three weeks, and when applicable, I made one chart of all games and one chart of all the games that really matter (IE, minus La Tech, Ball State and Furman.)  Not as much time for analysis this week (real life intercedes somethin’ fierce) but it’s interesting to see them side-by-side.  Draw your own conclusions.

First off, the results from all the games played so far this year:

2009 runners #10

Next, the running sum of adjusted yards throughout the 2009 season:

master 10

master N 10

We’re just breakin’ even versus our real competition, and considering that in those games we’re four and three, that’s not too shabby.

Next, Pythagoras vs. Malzahn (again, with and without cupcakes):

pvz 10

pvz2 10

There seems to be a relationship there (even if the Kentucky game is  a bit of an aberration.)

Last, the full contingent of topographic maps of downs one through three:  offensive maps, defensive maps, and full-team maps.  Click the images to enlarge:




Being that this is the first year of this kind of data presentation, I’m not sure of the best way to scale them absolutely. But for basis of comparison, I scaled each pair of graphs (offense, defense, whole-team) from the minimum value of the pair to the maximum value of the pair. You can see how they line up, most obviously that when you remove the cupcakes from the analysis, our team’s peak in all three areas shifts to the third quarter (From a good team, that sort of shift is to be expected, as they roar out to an early lead and bench the starters in the second half versus weaker teams.)

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