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  1. Yes, yes and yes. Could Auburn beat this Bama team every day of the year? No, not hardly. But for one glorious day in the loveliest village they certainly can. This is the essence of the Iron Bowl dilemma for the Tide. They are clearly the better team, but how will it affect their play if it doesn’t show on the scoreboard late in the game? If in desperation they turn to McElroy instead of Ingram the Tigers have the edge, Julio notwithstanding.

    Oh for a first quarter like the 2005!

    War Eagle!


  2. I can still almost taste the bile in my mouth, heart in my throat and ulcers in my stomach for every second of the 2004 Iron Bowl at UAT. We were so much more talented than them. But it was a painstaking day. That sort of feeling is all on them this year. I’ve never been sold on McElroy. Let’s double team/spy Ingram and Julio and see if McElroy can pep talk himself into beating us. I don’t think he can.

    This will be my first ever Live Iron Bowl, and I promise you this- -I’m going to leave it all on the field.

  3. 1st quarters of last 3 Iron Bowls in Auburn:

    2003 – Auburn scores on the first play, gives up a safety on the second, scores another TD on the 5th, it’s 14-2.

    2005 – Auburn scores on its first three possessions and would have on a 4th if Prechae didn’t fumble. I don’t know that bama even had a first down.

    2007 – Auburn forces a 3 and out. An extremely anemic Auburn offense marches right down the field and scores, chewing up clock along the way. After another stop, Cox hits Rod Smith for a big play and eventually settles for a FG. 10-0 after one

    What does it mean? I’m just saying that there is a precedent for a big first quarter…

  4. Jonesy, there certainly is. The problem is that I can’t help but think of the ’98 edition (it was ’98, right? Acid, you there?) where Auburn stormed out to a 17-0 lead and lost 31-17. On the flip side, there’s Bama hosting us in 2004– probably the single closest recent analogue to this year’s situation, given ‘Bama was roughly as good as we are now–when they had a big, emotional first quarter and the better team won it going away.

    So yes, a big first quarter is definitely in play … but even though it’s way better than the alternative, there would still be a long, long way to go.

  5. …..Yep, I saw that 1998 Iron Bowl. Mike Dubose dialed back the Charlie Stubbs Airraid, and started running Shaun Alexander right at us. Our O-line was beat up, and ran out of gas in the 2nd quarter. We had walk-on Whit Smith starting at linebacker.

    ……I made a serious enemy of some Auburn in-laws, that day. Things weren’t going well in the second half, but we managed to make Bama punt from around midfield. I piped up with “it’s about time for Clifton Robinson to drop one on the ground.” Damned if Robinson didn’t do exactly that, on the Auburn nine yard line! Those folks STILL won’t watch another Auburn game with me…

  6. nice article, i’d say that while the above scenario is unlikely to unfold as described, it could happen, and if it does auburn will be in a position to win.

    one point to address though is that while Bama has not been down on the “road”, they were down to VT for decent portion of the game in Atlanta, trailing at halftime and i think at the start of the 4th, and VT did have a crowd there.

    also, our kick coverage unit is really bad, we almost lost one to Miss St. last week but got saved by the dude stepping out.

    all that said, i think we’ll see a heavy dose of Ingram and Richardson tomorrow, and that the Tide will comfortably roll over auburn this year, as the tigers O spends most of the day on the sidelines, waiting for Bama to give the ball back.


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