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Krootin’ 11/10: Reed a no-go?

Say it ain't so, Trovon.
Say it ain't so, Trovon.

Uh-oh. After a couple of weeks where the consensus has seemed to have been that Trovon Reed would be giving Auburn its second straight huge commitment at his scheduled Friday announcement, after Reed’s visit to Oregon for the USC game consensus has been handed a big ol’ Not So Fast My Friend:

(T)he mentor and family friend who has traveled with him on most of his unofficial visits, says the Ducks are in the lead and that Reed, from Thibodaux (La.) High School, might not commit next Friday as scheduled.

Sean Nelson told ESPN affiliate EyeOnTheTigers.com that Oregon is No. 1, Auburn is No. 2 and LSU is No. 3.

Oy. In the immediate aftermatch of the visit Reed himself said that he “ain’t going to say Oregon is on top, they definitely not on the bottom either,” but from the Auburn perspective this quote might be even more troubling:

Distance really isn’t a factor to me. I wouldn’t mind getting away from the south. The only real big difference to me is the coldness. But it’s not that bad.

Not that bad? Check out this photograph, which was totally taken in Eugene last January and is totally not some random Internet photo of some random European city that’s been floating around on the Internet for years:

ice storm

Man, who’d want to live there? Which is totally Oregon?

Seriously, it’s hard to say at this point whether Reed committing Friday–and despite the delay mentioned above, the latest news seems to be that Reed will still commit, just later in the day–would be a good thing or a bad thing for Auburn. It seems likely after the past couple of months that Reed had planned on committing to Auburn when he announced the date, but if Oregon really is No. 1 at the moment, it might be better if it got postponed.

Either way: Reed has picked the date to honor his late mother, which is awesome, but if it’s arrived before he’s 100 percent certain about his decision, you can expect Reed’s recruitment to continue all the way up to Signing Day. Auburn might get some encouragement Friday, they might suffer a bit of a blow, but regardless I’m guessing that there will still be a ways to go with Reed.

Dyer. So of course there’s a ton of stuff in the wake of Dyer’s commitment and team’s 42-21 win on ESPNU, in which he had 221 yards and 5 TDs. J.C. Shurbutt talks Dyer’s relationship to Gus Malzahn here, AUUndercover has announcement quotes here, there’s postgame video here, and there’s even more from Shurbutt here.

Notes worth noting:

— In the “how firm is his commitment?” guessing game, my non-professional opinion is that Dyer sounds pretty firm. On those potential other visits:

“I am going to see what’s right for Auburn and how that works out for them. If they would like for me to take other visits to other schools, but if not I will be done with it.”

Between that quote and his admission that he’s been recruiting Marcus Lattimore, it seems like his mind is fairly well made up.

— Though if anyone can change it, it’ll be the Vols:

“Tennessee is going to have a powerhouse team and they are going to be phenomenal in the years to come. I just wanted to make my decision based on what I feel is real.”

The admiration there is pretty obvious, right?

— I know every recruit says the team they’ve just committed to is like a family, but the insistence we’ve heard from Auburn recruits on that point has been nice to hear.

Mosley. Dyer teammate Dakota Mosley will also be headed to the ESPN All-America game and Shurbutt took the time to talk to him, too. Mosley’s had Auburn as his leader for a while, but he came away particularly impressed by the Vols:

Vols assistant coach Ed Orgeron, who has built a career on recruiting and coaching the defensive line, is handling Mosley’s recruitment for the Vols.

“He’s one of the best recruiters that I have ever been around,” Mosley said. “He’s pumped up all the time. You can tell he’s a great motivator. [Tennessee] has a great recruiting class. They are putting together a great one and pulling in great prospects. I guess that shows how their recruiters are doing, pulling in great prospects like that.”

Still, Mosley has great to things to say about Malzahn, and his friendship with Dyer should be a major help. Here’s to hoping; Mosley’s ability to beef up and join the line or back up Lutzenkirchen at TE means he’d be a really nice addition.

Roby. Auburn got a visit this weekend from Vandy-committed Suwanee GA corner Bradley Roby, which he apparently enjoyed. ESPN gives Roby a 78 and sounds pretty high on him:

Roby may be one of the more underrated receivers out of Georgia this year. His very good blend of size, speed and secure hands are highly sought-after at the next level. A bit lean still but he has very good length and a long wingspan. A quick-twitched athlete who plays bigger and more explosive on film … May get a look at corner as he flashes the great speed, body length and ball skills sought-after as a perimeter defender. Overall, this is a guy who may be falling under the radar nationally and with some positional polish should develop into a very good wideout or corner at the major college level.

Given Auburn’s woes at corner and struggles last year bringing in academically sound kids at the end of the class, Roby would be a terrific late addition. Even if picking on Vandy feels a little bullyish, doesn’t it?

Hubbard. Super-sleeper defensive end Adrian Hubbard of Norcross GA might have enjoyed his unofficial visit to Auburn for the Ole Miss game, but this AJC story doesn’t make it sound like Auburn is a major player for him, unfortunately:

And a lot of folks hope they have him for the next four. Hubbard went on an unofficial visit to Alabama for the LSU game this past Saturday. He’s heading up to South Carolina for a second time this coming weekend for the Gamecocks’ game against Florida. That will be an official visit. He’s already been up to Maryland and Vanderbilt.

Hubbard said he plans to take all five of his official visits, with Alabama and FSU definitely on the list but not yet set up. He hasn’t decided who will get the other two.

So Hubbard takes an unofficial to Tuscaloosa and is sure he wants to go back; he takes an unofficial to Auburn and isn’t sure he’ll be back. Yeah.

Etc. A site called “Athlete Vault” has an early top 100 for the class of 2011; Auburn targets LaMichael Fanning and Erique Florence check in at Nos. 22 and 66, respectively.

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