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@kennysmith does Georgia (with commentary by Kenny Smith)


And now an attempt to take my mind off other troubles, my day of football at the watch party, via Twitter:


Gameday warmups = adding televisions, making sure all of the viewing angles and connections work.

Gameday sweeps Auburn to a victory at Georgia. Has that ever happened?

[email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Not a bad start to a watchparty.

Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin does not want to jump the pellet gun. (That’s going to be Crompton’s formation of choice in the second half.)

@BrianMcalister is here for the watchparty. Screen One has [email protected], Screen Two has [email protected] The third screen is on blowout patrol.

New college football rule. The Wildcat others run against Tennessee must now be called the Pellet Gun Formation.

He’s Techmo McCluster!

Don’t bring a pellet gun to a Giggity fight.

I said that one out loud, but didn’t think it was strong enough to make the cut. @BrianMcalister tweeted it for me.

I love watch parties.

I did not know South Carolina had joined the XFL. Hmm.

Dear SEC, you dropped the ball. If you were going to do a Service-Integrity gimmick it should be conference wide (but not after UT arrests).

@cbrannon War Eagle to you, sir. May you enjoy the game, right up until hearing the lamentations of the Dogs at the very end.

360 keeps dropping games and showing soccer. And it is a friendly. Come on 360!

Does USC — seemingly the modern Notre Dame — finally fall from the top 10 when they drop this game to Stanford?

That defensive stop keeps South Carolina in the ball game against Florida, and most importantly, on TV 1.

Touchdown Carolina! (Admit it, you want CBS to have egg on their face for jumping the gun on those SECCG promos with team rankings.)

Bob Griese pwns the SEC. “But on MY hi-def monitor … ” #dontfinehimSlive

RT @BrianMcAlister Gitmo. Waterboarding. Health Care Socialism. Haliburton. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. #rejectedcarolinajerseys

RT @twstephens Getting shredded by Stephen Garcia must be like getting beaten up by Carrot Top.

USC takes a fumble, scores and steals the momentum. Why? Because they are playing Stanford. Trojans trump Cardinals.

The Pac-10 and the Big 10 are on the big screens. We’ve demoted the SEC and ACC games to the lappies. What happened here?

Heh. RT @lucasalexander (Auburn man) The high-water mark for Athenian (Ga.) civilization was Pat Dye. It’s been all downhill since he left.

USC can’t stop Stanford. Do not adjust your monitor.

Not only will USC lose to Stanford, the Cardinal are going to hang FIFTY on them.

No longer an upset alert, [email protected] is a train wreck alert. Can’t. Look. Away.

Screen One: [email protected] beatdown. Screen Two: [email protected] tied. Screen Three: [email protected] Screen Four: [email protected]

You can’t spell schadenfreude without U-S-C. #wewillneverforget2004

Iowa looks to do something they haven’t done since 1991 — win at tOSU. (And they’ll try it in overtime.)

Steve Spurrier has cast his visor over his countenance, game over in Columbia. [email protected] in OT on Screen One at the

Pete Carroll thinks we’re all angels. Unless we are Cardinals. Those so and sos get no truck from St. Pete. FIFTY-FIVE points!

ABC guy just oversold the tOSU field goal a bit. Here’s a tip: You aren’t the homer.

Nature is restored: USC is less relevant, Iowa’s dream season has expired and the SEC is back on Screen One at the watchparty.

Bring on the rivalry! (I hate Dogs for the next three hours.)

TOUCHDOWN AUBURN! Chris Todd to Kodi Burns!

Tough runs, a few post routes UGa can’t defend, Auburn takes out the early lead and the Tigers feel right. Now let’s hold ’em D!

Dangers of four screens: “OMG Miss State just did see something! I don’t know what, but their fans are cheering!” (They moved the chains.)

Apparently removing one of the fours from Ben Tate’s helmet does not keep it on his head.

Halfway through the first quarter prediction: The only team that can stop Auburn is Auburn.

And some guy named Martinez that no one in Georgia likes and a misunderstood defensive crew, but I didn’t know that at the time, now did I?

Dangers of four screens: Noting the statistical inaccuracies between ESPN broadcasts. How many touchdowns does Ingram have?


(OK, I don’t hate ALL dogs. I still like the Bullies who are presently frustrating Bama.)

2009 UGa = 2006-2008 Auburn. Mark Richt IS Tommy Tuberville.

ESPN shows a game management stat. UGa has -2 yards … then Todd is sacked and Auburn punts as Bama scores. Ack.

ESPN says: Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs! Audience: They don’t have a lot to do in Georgia, eh?

So … who’s actually going to watch Blind Side (that also read the book)? I’m curious to see how BAD they’ve made this film.

Cox to Troupe, who got behind everyone for a big score. 7-14

Hate to see AJ Green come out. I hope he miraculously covers around midnight.

Look kids Big Ben! Another first down on a 19-yard screen.

Here @cbrannon writes “Hey, dawgs. We don’t need AJ as much as we need discipline and DEFENSE!” Because I am picking on my nearby Georgia man I reply “I believe Discipline played for USC today.”

Chris Todd, impact player, punting the ball down to the three.

Don’t look now Bama fans, Ingram is hurt and in pain. That looked rough, but he’s a tough, tough guy.

Whatever Todd Blackledge is eating looks gross.

Nic Fairley is a bad, bad man, sacking Joe Cox back to the two!

Todd to @supurmario27 for 39 yards! (Does Georgia play defense?)

In retrospect, I’m wondering if it were my fault. If so I apologize most profoundly.

This game is suddenly bad on receivers arms. Todd’s favorite receiver Darvin Adams comes up slow.

Todd intercepted on third and long. That ball came out odd … Yep, his arm got hit as he threw.

Bob Davie just called Willie Martinez “really a good footbaw coach.” Georgia fans are now cleaning their screens after spewing beverages.

Georgia’s punter is good and I looooove seeing him on the field.

Demond Washington’s life just flashed before his eyes as he muffs Auburn’s 98th punt of the season. Lucky it bounced out.

Georgia’s backup quarterback is returning kicks for Georgia. Has Auburn tried Neil Caudle deep?

Seriously … when the ESPN promotional machine and the talking heads are lined up against a Notre Dame coach the writing is on the wall.

Man’s Eternal Questions, Vol 66: How many losses does it take for sports commentators to hurl themselves from the USC bandwagon? Three.

Touchdown Mississippi State! 7-17 early in the third.

No! No! No Eltoro, get up! (Auburn has only one scholarship linebacker on the depth chart, a true freshman.)

And the officials in the [email protected] game called the kickoff return back. #conspiracy! (But not really.)

Where credit is due: the ESPN graphic on what else happened in 1892 (when the UGa-Auburn series began) was nice.

Georgia kicks a long field goal to get within four, 14-10 Tigers lead and start the second half from their own 37.

Todd! Double coverage is when there’s two guys in the other uniform. It is bad to throw it there. Try not to do that, whydoncha?

You think ESPN has to pay USA Today royalties for ripping off their feature in their time wasting franchise?

Look … if Bob DAVIE of all people, can figure this call out better than your replay official, you should rethink the process.

Georgia scores, taking their first lead of the evening, 14-17.

Chris Todd remembers Tommy Trott is an Auburn man, the Tigers are in business at Georgia’s 24.

Judging from Gus Malzahn’s reaction Lee Ziemba was not an eligible receiver there.

Foot Lauderdale is renamed Wes Boink Byrum, pinballing one off the left upright and in. 17-17. Phew.

State gets on the board, squandering a 1st and goal from the five (CONSPIRACY!) and settling for a field goal. 17-3, Bama leads.

That’s Mr. Josh Bynes to you.

Alabama is solid throughout, and scary fast on defense, the player that’s the most disconcerting for Auburn must be Javier Arenas.

Neiko, Neiko, Neiko … 17-24

I do believe you can find marked progress across the board for most of the regulars. Unfortunately I don’t believe this can be said for Mr. Thorpe. Shame, that.

TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!!!! Demond Washington for 99 yards on the kickoff return. 24-24

Clearly, as a significant contributor at this level Washington is fleet of foot, but I don’t know that I’ve read anyone discussing him as one of the faster guys on the field. He surely does look it though. He seemed to find a gear approaching c as he ran by the safeties. Just wow. Wonder what his yards are like for this game now.

On Screen Two: Who jumps higher? Julio Jones or Maze?

Double coverage, Todd. Grrrr.

Receiver ran a bad route. ARGHHHHH!

I’ve long thought there should be an asterisk by some interceptions. This one likely wasn’t on Todd, but unfortunately he can’t share it with the wideout. Perhaps if there was an official scorer, as in baseball, we could put the E in the proper spot.

So Todd throws an ugly pick, Auburn adds on 15 yards, just to be nice.

What are the things we need to avoid, friends? Turnovers and penalties and here’s both. And you just knowZiemba and Andrew McCain still have the latter still in them.

Georgia scores, Auburn’s defense is gassed and definitely needs a break. 24-31.

Reverse pass from Kodi Burns to T-Zach … flag is down … illegal motion, Auburn. (Someone’s running up-downs … )

For a procedural penalty if they ain’t they oughta be.

Onterio McCalebb — who is clearly not 100 percent — first down, flirts with a fumble but keeps it together.

Not the first play that Auburn has run from under center has worked very well this year. First down on the next play, phew.

Todd had @supurmario27 on the seam at the goal line but can’t hang on after the hit. Georgia player, Rambo I believe, is down.

Bob Davie: “You just see his shoulder go limp after the hint; you can’t speculate right now.” Really Bob?

I propose a highlight reel maximum on replays of injuries that leave a player in questionable health.

Two or three of those are really more than enough. The guy’s still down, his injury is far from certain (Despite Bob “I don’t want to speculate, but let’s speculate” Davie) and he has family and friends watching.

While I don’t want to be critical of a specific player, this is habitual enough to be a real concern: Someone teach Ziemba to count!

Georgia holds off Auburn. 24-31. One good quarter, three of more-or-less misfiring. Finally Auburn gets a bye week and then the Iron Bowl.

Photo via @supurmario27.


Kenny graduated from Auburn at the turn of the century. He worked in newsrooms across the region and then earned a master’s degree at UAB. He met and married a Yankee, who declared her Auburn allegiance at her first home game. She’s now on the faculty at Auburn. He’s finishing his PhD at Alabama and teaches at Samford University. See him online at www.kennysmith.org and @kennysmith.

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