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  1. The Indomitable Spirit of a dude who cruises for free with Julio. Same guy, right?

    That’s what I thought

  2. I’ll say this, there will be plenty of Marks born in the state of Alabama if he does win the Heisman.

    His Heisman prospects look good, but not set in stone by any means. He could probably get the Big 10 area vote based on where he’s from (Michigan) and the lack of a Big 10 candidate.

    As for the hype, I will say that he’s been dealing with that for a while now, so I won’t take the “He’s suddenly fallen for the praise” route. ESPN started the Heisman talk, and Saban’s actually limited his carries in a lot of ways (Only had 1 games of 20+ carries in the last 4).

  3. TD, certainly he’s been in the Heisman talk ever since the Carolina game, but I think it’s a little different when you grace the cover of SI alongside the words “Heisman.” Like I said, it’s doubtful this matters at all, but it’s too newsworthy to ignore.

    I will actually give Saban some credit here: he hasn’t padded Ingram’s stats the way he could have.

    HV: I don’t agree with all of Roberts’ career decisions, but she’s also a highly successful Auburn alum who–at least where this story is concerned–is just doing her job.


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