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Five for Slive SEC Football Podcast, Week, uh, 3ish


With Doug moving and your humble Auburn Blogger traveling, the 54S (yeah, I’m abbreviating it like that, I’m awesome) had to take last week off. But it returns with a vengeance today, as we take on LSU’-Bama, Spurrier, nonconference scheduling, SEC Coach of the Year, and … wait for it… more. Enjoy.

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— We’re now on iTunes. Search “Five for Slive” (it works!) or subscribe here. I think. I’m still not sure how all of this works.

— If “Jerry talks on podcasts” is something you enjoy, I’m appearing on tomorrow’s edition of Oh Brother discussing Auburn and some preseason predictions I made. It probably won’t be as cool as their Thursday edition featuring Daniel Moore, but do keep an eye out for it. (Because I suck, I also forgot to mention my Oh Brother appearance in the wake of the Kentucky loss. You can hear me make all sorts of statements that are already laughable.)

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