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Etheridge: “I’m feeling good”

How awesome is it that in just a couple of days we’ve gone from this:

etheridge injury

to this?:

Etheridge met with the media Tuesday, three days after he was wheeled off the field after a scary injury against Ole Miss in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Etheridge, his head and neck immobilized in a harness, said he felt blessed he could walk …

“I’m feeling pretty good,” he said.

“I have to give a head’s up to all the fans and everyone who have been praying because it’s been a miracle. I’m just blessed to be able to walk again.”

He said he’s optimistic about playing again.

“We got some pretty good results from the MRI, X-rays and CAT scan. It looks like I’ll be able to play again,” Etheridge said.

There’s more from Jay Tate here and Andy Bitter here; the injury was a cracked fifth vertebra and torn ligaments in the neck. Etheridge (and his mother) gave credit to Rodney Scott for the damage not being worse, saying “If he would have moved, I wouldn’t be here today. I’d still be laying on the hospital bed.”

But the best part (well, aside from the part where he’s walking and has a shot at even playing football again) is this:

Etheridge said he probably wouldn’t be at Saturday’s game against Furman because the doctors said he should rest.

“I will definitely be at the Iron Bowl,” he said.

I said that win or lose, whether last Saturday was a good day or not depended on Etheridge’s recovery. Win or lose, if Zac Etheridge walks onto Pat Dye Field, we already know that is going to be a damn good day.

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