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  1. Actually…the Alumni Association is looking for the name of the guy in the suit. There is a photo of him posted on the Alumni Facebook wall, with the caption…”if you know who this…” I would post a link but I’m 55 yrs old and still trying to figure out how to work my DroidII 🙂

  2. The man with the suit was friends with our neighbor who is now deceased. There is a great story about how this man got the suit. I used to look forward to him wearing the suit to ballgames. He only wore it to big games- the suit was becoming threadbare. This fall we realized we had not seen him walk by our tailgate for a few years and were also wondering as to his well-being.

  3. This was my old neighbor from across the street! Unfortunately, he passed away a couple of years ago, but his wife is still lives here in Birmingham. I went over there the other day, and she showed me pictures of him in the suit, along with tons of other Auburn memorabilia. The Birmingham News put him on the front of the paper one year when we beat Alabama! His name was Bill Barker and his wife’s name is Martha. They are basically Auburn royalty in my mind now after seeing all the historical tickets, art, and photos they had, with pictures of them together with Bo Jackson and tons of other players and coaches.

    I just googled “war eagle suit” to show my friend and found this link!


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