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Beat(box) Bama: ‘Our House’ is the first, best rap about an Iron Bowl ever

People talk of the orange’n’blue haze, the claustrophobic Tiger Walk, the never-before-or-since ‘lectricity.

But when trying to gauge just how big Alabama’s first trip to Jordan-Hare was, consider the 3 minutes and 33 seconds of “Our House,” track 13 from 1989’s all-but-extinct “Auburn Blue” album: the first time Auburn Spirit was ever set to rap.*


War, War Eagle…

Yeah, buddy


Auburn Tigers, they’re never known to fail you

So let me tell you

They’re bringing hell to

Bama, like it ain’t no thing

With the run and pass, the toss and swing

Ima be the first man to buy a ticket

Front row at the show before they even kick it off,

I’ll be there at Jordan-Hare to see Auburn take victory

And make history

So they can hold control

Of the SEC as champs of the Sugar Bowl

And beat Bama to a bone

So “Roll Tide” on your way back home


You’re in our house

Yo, you’re in our house


You’re in our house, the right location,

Perfect place for the confrontation

For you to witness an act of fitness

And if you get this you must admit it’s

About time for the first beginning

Place your bets cause you know who’s winning

But if not visualize a rush down

To the Jordan-Hare while the touchdown

Is being scored by the Auburn Tigers

On the real tip, who else could supply ya’

With enough performance to twice pack the stadium

Bama’s wack – what do I say to’em?

You’re in our house

War Eagle

You’re in our house

War eagle, War War Ea—War War Eagle..

You’re now in my house and you must abide

Rule #1: No Crimson Tide

So as you see there’s a conflict

So we gon’ treat Bama like a convict

Lock’em up in a cage and throw way the key

In front of fans so they all can see

Orange and blue is the color champions

War Eagle! Cause we’re gonna trample’em

And let’em know who rules

So here’s a lesson for messin’ with the AU school

And for us to lose s irrelevant

Tell me who would run from an elephant?

You’re in our house.

War War Eagle.

You’re in our house

War War Eagle (Our House)

The point to get across in the matter:

Dreams will shatter when they gather and wouldn’t you rather

Stay home and pray on hopes for next year

Cause in the crowd, you know the next year

Will be for Auburn to add the hype

As for the trophy, you know the black stripes

Carry it high with the pride of warriors

(Don’t you feel bad?)

Of course I’m sorry the team had to travel and then get beaten

Don’t come with weakness and claim we’re cheatin’

You want to prove it? Prepare to joust.

This is Auburn, boy…

You’re in our house.

Yo, you’re in our house


Our house, our house… boy

Our house, our house, boy boy boy boy boy…

Yo, our house, our house, yo

Yo, our house, our house, yo, yo

Yo J-Man, we’re puttin’ Bammer in the slammer with the gramma, man…

Yo word up, Joe-Len (?), Bama caught the hysterics from my lyrics, home boy…

You’re in our house

You’re in our house

You’re in our house.

*or at least set to rap and recorded and released. Who recorded it? I don’t know— some dudes going by J-Man and Joe-Len (?). I can’t find the case to look for proper credits.

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