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Ballot Business, Week 12


1. Alabama. So I heard this rumor, Nick Saban oversees a human trafficking ring out of Haiti, don’t know if it’s true but the source is reliable just saying that’s what I heard.

2. Florida. LSU is the best team this team has beaten. Think about that.

3. Ole Miss. Miles’ cranial collapse shouldn’t obscure the fact that Rebels dominated game every which way but on the scoreboard.

4. LSU. Les Miles, on behalf of the College Football Bloggers of America Association, we’d like to present you with our Man of the Year Award.


5. Arkansas. Hogs get a turn on the “Who’s No. 5?” carousel this week. But the way this season has gone in this slot–and every slot south of here–it won’t last long.

6. Kentucky. Don’t actually like  the ‘Cats odds at home this week–they couldn’t even beat Miss. St. in Lexington, and I don’t see Tennessee helping out with four-second half turnovers or the Dawgs’ brand of special teams haplessness–but still, 7-5 with two road wins over other bowl-bound SEC teams is a hell of an accomplishment.

7. Auburn. Auburn needed the bye week the way they need backup linebackers. At least they got one of them.

8. Tennessee. After all of the hoopin’ and hollerin’ and drama and whatnot, Vols will wind up either the 7-5 or 6-6 team they were supposed to be.

9. Georgia. Don’t count Dawgs out in Bobby Ross. Jackets are overrated, their defense is a mess, and Cox can’t possibly be that bad two weeks in a row. If Tech wasn’t on a bye week …

10. South Carolina. ‘Cocks one loss away from 6-6 and no one’s discussing Spurrier’s retirement prospects? Why?

11. Miss. St. How on earth does a team rush for 327 yards and lose by three scores?

12. Vanderbilt. What’s got to be even more galling about going 0-8 in the SEC is that if there was ever an SEC ripe for Vandy to make some noise in, you’d have thought 2009 was it.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 TCU 1
3 Florida 1
4 Texas
5 Cincinnati
6 Boise State
7 Oregon 1
8 Georgia Tech 1
9 Ohio State
10 Pittsburgh 3
11 Iowa 1
12 Oregon State 1
13 Virginia Tech 4
14 Oklahoma State 8
15 Mississippi 10
16 North Carolina 8
17 Clemson 1
18 Miami (Florida)
19 Penn State 4
20 LSU 10
21 Southern Cal 2
22 California 2
23 Nebraska
24 Stanford 10
25 Houston
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: Wisconsin (#15), Arizona (#21).

The usual few notes:

— Yes, TCU in front of Florida. Stunning to say, but the Frogs have had more juice on the schedule than the Gators so far. DocSat is right: that this team has no possible way of competing for a national championship even after playing every bit as difficult a schedule as the teams ahead of it and playing it as well as the Frogs have played it is a complete joke.

— Pitt’s and Okie St.’s bumps are mostly due to corrections from last week, though Navy’s and Texas Tech’s surges are helping.

— Nice win for Cal at Stanford, but how are they supposed to go ahead of USC, which crushed them in Berkeley and has a much nicer nonconference pelt than anything Cal’s got? It’s not like the win in Palo Alto was that nice.

— North Carolina’s also done enough to get the head-to-head nod over Miami.

— Penn St. gets a bump from Northwestern, who has 4 losses but two big wins at Iowa and vs. Wisconsin.

— Nebraska at long last gives the Big 12 a third team in the poll.

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