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Ballot Business, week 10


1. Alabama. Yes, the best defensive tackle in the SEC plays at Alabama. But if you haven’t noticed, it’s Marcel Dareus, not that taller fella.

2. Florida. Seriously, someone should just cast one of those Sleeping Beauty spells on Gainesville so everyone can just take a nap until the Gators hit Atlanta.

3. LSU. I didn’t much care who won that game last week, but I really, really wish they’d called it an interception just so we’d have all been able to go one damn week talking about actual football instead of the league’s officiating.

4. Tennessee. Wow, Jonathan Crompton’s still getting people fired. At least it’s someone else’s coaches this year.

5. Auburn. If Auburn wins Saturday to all but clinch a New Year’s Day bowl berth, I hope the next set of Auburn billboards feature a giant Chiznick under the slogan “SUCK IT, HATERS.”

6. Arkansas. If Arkansas played every game at home at 11 a.m., they’d be undefeated.

7. Ole Miss. Rebels could still finish 9-3 and play in the Capital One Bowl. They could still go 6-6 and play in no bowl at all. And they’re coached by Houston Nutt. You tell me what happens here.

8. Georgia. See, Dawgs, you didn’t need A.J. Green to put up big points after all! Doesn’t matter that it was against Tennessee Tech–you’d still better rest him for another week.

9. South Carolina. How’s the golfing in Shreveport?

10. Miss. St. You’d think that one of these weeks State would go from scaring someone to beating someone. Beware, ‘Bama. I’m serious.

11. Kentucky. With ‘Cats a win at Vandy away from yet another bowl berth, it’s hard to remember that that used to never, ever happen.

12. Vanderbilt. ’09 ‘Dores have to be closing on some sort of mark for offensive futility, don’t they?

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 TCU 4
4 Texas
5 Cincinnati 3
6 Boise State 1
7 Georgia Tech 2
8 Iowa 5
9 Miami (Florida) 4
10 Houston 1
11 Oregon 5
12 LSU 2
13 Southern Cal 1
14 Ohio State 5
15 Arizona 1
16 Pittsburgh 1
17 Wisconsin 3
18 Oregon State
19 Virginia Tech 4
20 Stanford
21 Clemson 3
22 Oklahoma State
23 Auburn 2
24 Utah 3
25 Penn State 13
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: Notre Dame (#15), California (#18).

Yes, TCU over Texas. The Frogs pounded BYU and beat surging Clemson, both on the road. Texas edged Oklahoma in an eutral site and got outgained by Texas Tech at home. Meaning that not only does TCU have two better wins better than anything Texas has, but they were even more impressive in picking up those wins.

Tech stays behind Boise despite the Oregon slip. The Jackets have played four close games and won them all while getting blown to smithereens in their only loss.

Past Pitt at No. 16, it’s really tough to straighten things out in a way that makes sense. The teams with fewer losses have no good wins. The teams with good wins have bad losses. It’s tough.

Yes, Utah’s at 24, Penn State’s at 25, and BYU is out. The Utes have played no one but no one. The bottom of the MWC is a trash heap this year. PSU has played both of the other two top teams in the Big 10 and gotten blown out at home by both. Their best win is Northwestern, or maybe Temple. BYU would be No. 26, but with that Oklahoma win and the FSU loss looking worse all the time, they don’t have enough even with just the two losses.

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