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Ballot business, Week 9

One more bit of afternoon business for ya …


1. Alabama. At this point, beating Tennessee by any score at all is more impressive than whipping Georgia by however many points you like, isn’t it?

2. Florida. Not only am I unconvinced the team that beat Georgia was the “real” Florida as opposed to the Florida we saw for the first seven weeks, but monochrome uniforms are an affront to nature. (This goes for you too, Vols, ‘Cats, etc.)

3. LSU. If Jordan Jefferson’s going to keep playing the way he has the last two weeks, this team might very well be more balanced than Greg “I Hope To Rise To The Level of Game Manager Again Someday” McElroy’s Tide.


4. Tennessee. Watching this team hasn’t been nearly as much fun as I thought it would be after the UCLA game.

5. Auburn. It’s taken Chris Todd a while to regrow his mojo–that Mojaine prescription doesn’t work overnight, you know–after Jon Crompton stole it in the AU-UT postgame handshake, but it looks like we’re finally getting there.

6. Ole Miss. Maybe I’m reading too much into his sideline demeanor and ungodly spikes/dips in performance, but does any other QB in the league strike you as mentally fragile as Jevan Snead does?

7. Arkansas. Probably the highest ceiling of any of the three middle-brow West teams, but 1-4 in the SEC with a home loss to Georgia is 1-4 in the SEC with a home loss to Georgia.

8. Georgia. Yes, at the moment, the Dawgs are quaffiing and quaffing deeply from the River Suck. But there’s still a good chance they wind up the only team other than the top 3 with a winning SEC record.

9. South Carolina. Their scoring margin through six SEC games stands at -24, and that’s already after playing both Kentucky and Vandy at home. ‘Cocks beat Clemson at home, or they go 6-6 yet again.

10. Mississippi St. Seriously, how much do you think Dan Mullen would like to go back and replace the Ga. Tech/Houston games with patsies?

11. Kentucky. So happy the ‘Cats only SEC win of the year so far came on the road at Jordan-Hare. So, so happy.

12. Vanderbilt. 31 points, even at home against a Swiss cheese D like Ga. Tech’s, is still a big step forward. I think.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Iowa
4 Texas
5 Boise State 4
6 Oregon 4
7 TCU 2
8 Cincinnati 2
9 Georgia Tech 2
10 LSU 3
11 Houston
12 Penn State 7
13 Miami (Florida) 2
14 Southern Cal 6
15 Notre Dame 1
16 Arizona 1
17 Pittsburgh 3
18 California
19 Ohio State 5
20 Wisconsin
21 Utah 4
22 Oklahoma State 10
23 Virginia Tech 9
24 Clemson
25 Auburn
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: South Carolina (#18), Mississippi (#21), Central Michigan (#22), West Virginia (#23).

Explaining a few of the big changes in this week’s ballot:

Penn St. up 7, Ohio St. up 5, Wisconsin in at No. 20: All three won, but Minnesota’s home upset of a decent Mich. St. team also gave all three–each of which pounded the Gophers–also provided a boost. OSU would be lower if not for head-to-head with the Badgers, though.

Boise up 4: I hate to do it, but I can’t in good conscience rank them behind an Oregon team they bludgeoned, even as I can’t rank Oregon behind TCU and Cincy teams they’ve accomplished much more than by this point.

Okie St. down 10, Texas stationary, no other Big 12 teams: Oklahoma posted its biggest win of the season this past Saturday. It came by 12 points at home to a team that lost to UL-Lafayette. (Unless you consider the previous week’s win over a Kansas team whose best win is either Duke or Iowa St. is their best win.) I am genuinely offended the AP would rank Texas six freaking places ahead of an Iowa team that’s beaten three different teams better than anyone the ‘Horns have defeated.

Auburn No. 25: I looked for 20 minutes for a team with wins as good as vs. Miss. St., vs. WVU, @ Tennessee, vs. Ole Miss. They’re not out there.

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