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This Week at TWER, 10/14

Another look around your online home for all things Auburn …


Win stuff! Stuff you can win! TWER is holding its first-ever photo contest. Winner gets John “Shug Life” Comer’s ticket to the Kentucky game direct to their mailbox and their shot featured as our “Photo of the Day.” Enter now!

Seriously, you need to enter now. Getting a ticket sent out in time for this weekend’s game leaves time pretty tight.

Why there is such as thing as TWER. I wondered aloud in the WVU recap how on earth Pat Dye Field had managed to get so dry so fast. Our editor Jeremy Henderson wondered the same thing, and went right to the source: Paul Conner, the ’57 Auburn graduate who redesigned the field at Pat Dye’s request in 1983. I can’t do Jeremy’s story–which touches on the friendship between Conner and Dye, the physics of field-building, Conner’s memories of 1957, the immense satisfaction of an Auburn man watching a thing he built do the thing the thing was built to do–anything close to justice, so please, please, if you’re an Auburn fan, just read it yourself.

Arkansas. Our Kevin Strickland has his post-game wrap, and he’s not happy. I think he has the cause-and-effect backwards–he blames the defense for submarining the offense, though I think the time-of-possession numbers present a compelling case that it’s the other way ’round–and I don’t thing a Hog team with both more to play for and more raw talent is given enough credit. But Kevin is absolutely right that Auburn failed to do virtually everything teams playing on the road in the SEC have to do, and that we’ll have to see what happens this week and the following weeks before passing a final judgment on Chizik’s first season.

Elsewhere, it’s a little on the belated side, but Dr. Jolley’s comments on the Arkansas-Auburn series are still very much worth reading, particularly for their prescience:

I believe today’s game, like most recent AU/Arkansas tilts, will be decided in the running game. Particularly, today’s game will be decided by Auburn’s ability to control Arkansas’ running game. In the past, when Auburn has played poorly against Arkansas, the problem has been their ability to stop Arkansas running backs. That will tell the tale today. If Arkansas rushes for fewer than 100 yards, Auburn wins. If they rush for more than 150, Arkansas wins. If they rush for 100-150, the game will be a toss-up, likely decided by a late turnover.

The Hogs ran for 221 and won by 21. Final prediction of an Auburn victory or no, remind me to ask Dr. Jolley for some Florida lotto numbers next time I’m on the gulf.

Pictures. Did you know Neil Caudle wrote a book? Do you know what Auburn School of Pharmacy parties were like back in 1990? Now you do.

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