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  1. Jerry, I’d love to hear an explanation of what we’re trying to accomplish with Tood on these bizarre pooch punts. Is it purely misdirection designed to set up defensive confusion when we need it on a crucial fourth down in a big game? Does Todd somehow have some punting experience in his past? Can neither Durst nor Shoemaker pooch at all? Is this not as uncommon as it strikes me? I’m just baffled.

  2. Dave, lining up with the regular offensive personnel in the little punt-protection-like formation is something I don’t remember seeing befor,e but the pooch-by-the-QB itself isn’t all that uncommon, I don’t think; I know I’ve seen Michigan use it this season.

    The point, I would say, is that when Auburn has the offense out on the field the opposing team can’t bring on their punt return unit, meaning that there’s no chance of a return–the opponent will get the ball wherever it rolls to a stop. It’s not a bad idea if you can get your QB to not stick the ball in the end zone.

    We’ve seen the formation one other time this year, against La. Tech (I think–it could be Miss. St.) That time Todd passed on the pooch and tried to hit Zachery on an out route and missed. My guess is that Todd has the option here–if he likes the coverage vs. the receivers, he tries to make the first, if he likes the coverage vs. the punt, he punts. It sounds like a good idea, but the facts are also that Auburn’s 0-for-2 so far in making the thing actually work.

  3. Dave,

    My guess is three-fold:

    1) If Auburn sees something in the defense, they can take advantage of it.
    2) Speed, speed, speed. Bringing a punt team out slows down the game.
    3) No threat of a return. Even on normal pooches, there is a threat of a return. The defense generally will not have a return man back if the offense lines up like that.

    It’s pretty uncommon these days. However, I believe they did it alot during the days of leather helmets.

  4. …..It seemed to me, on that Todd pooch against Tennessee, that they walked Zachary in from the sideline. He didn’t even huddle, just lined up near the sideline. I think it was attempt to hide him, and if he was uncovered, throw to him.

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