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  1. The defense did a better job today at laying the lumber to the opponent. There was some hittin’ going on at Pat Dye field today. WDE!!!! El-Toro!

  2. Except for a few lapses the offense looked like it at least had a clue today and the D was spectacular except one drive and one huge play. Special teams was a total win until the kick return.

    Get it all buttoned down against Furman and then beating UGA is definitely doable. It’ll take a miracle to beat bama, but stranger things than that have happened on football fields.

    So seven wins at a minimum — a total I would have happily taken in August — and eight is a distinct possibility given that UGA appears to be as much a bunch of headcases as AU had been for three weeks.

  3. Ward Damn Eagle! Like we say in the great state of Alabama, thank God for Mississippi! Really really proud of how this team is still in there fighting and how they came to play today. It’s amazing how different things can be when you pull just a few things a little more together than what you had, and the football gods smile on you a little bit. As Tubs used to say, we’re still not great, but today was a good win.
    That said, I guess as long as we have Malzahn, we’re just gonna have to live with insane third and fourth down plays that look brilliant or stupid by their results. There’s also a part of me that is now even more confused and angry over the last three weeks, but I know I just need to let that go and move forward.


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