The Daily Believer: 10.30.09

The Daily Believer is your daily dose of whAUtever, a dose that grows by the second, minute, hour, who knows. Maybe there’s something going on tonight at the Gnu’s Room. Maybe there’s a volleyball game. Maybe there’s some update to The War Eagle Reader you need to know about. Maybe last night’s episode of House referenced Bo. Maybe Pat Dye’s Pants have no reserve on eBay. In other words, we’re live-blogging Auburn – town, gown, idea – and we need your help. Are you putting on an event? A show? Let us know. Know about one? Let us know. Spot Chizik at Byrons? Let us know. Did you see that episode of House? Let us know.

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Friday, October 30, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.


Friday Night hAikU

Hear that ‘War Eagle’?

Downtown? During ‘OPP’?

Totally me, yo.

[JDH – 8:00 p.m.]

*** TWER contributor C.J. Crutchfield has two tickets for the game available: Section 56 (Upper West), Row 34, Seats 14 and 15. (Here’s the seating guide.)

Want them? Write him at[JDH – 5:37 p.m.]

*** Fine Wine and Beer by Gus (located in Flint’s Crossing Shopping Center) is holding a Wicked Wine Tasting from 6-8 p.m. The Independent starts its Rock and Roll Halloween Party at 10 p.m. Hematovore, Courtesy Murder, and We Are 138 are playing. — [JDH – 4:55 p.m.]

*** b8

Remember that local band Pretty Beat Up? And that hot girl they had up there just absolutely doin’ her thing? The same girl who would sway the crowd back and forth with that “Johhhhhny Depp” song? Yeah, she’s writing for us now. And there are tons of pictures up of her pumpkin carving party.

[JDH – 4:52 p.m.]

*** This completely slipped our minds, but yes Virginia, we do have a winner of the ‘Sometimes you feel like a Nutt’ contest. The winning entry will be on display tomorrow in Jerry’s Game Day post, which is fast becoming an Auburn tradition — [JDH – 4:43 p.m.]

*** Ben Bartley offers up high hilarity a la costume ideas for Auburn fans. In response to seeing it posted with the classic Brandon Cox costume shot, he writes:

The Brandon Cox picture reminded me that I saw him at the LSU game. He was sitting on basically the last row of the upper deck — the worst seats in the house. I know he had his ups and downs, but I thought he could at least get some decent seats. After all, he never lost to Alabama.

[JDH – 2:05 p.m.]

*** Custom kitchen deliverayeeayeeay! Dyer straits for competing schools. Dyer strait to Auburn. Dyer? I hardly know her!

Also, Jerry wraps up his LSU recap. — [JDH – 2:00 p.m.]

*** Late start. Blame a late night City of Auburn Halloween’ing. Speaking of – 1988 All-American Auburn nose guard Benji Roland lives down the street from TWER HQ and he gives out candy.

How do you like my costume? I went as "Big Man."
How do you like my costume? I went as "Big Man."

[JDH – 1:55 p.m.]

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