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Wednesday, October 28, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** Required reading – here and here. — [JDH – 7:23 p.m.]


1. The first time we played on Halloween was in 1903. It was against Sewanee. It was in Mongtgomery. It was a nightmare. AU 0 – Sewanee 47

2. Next time was 1908. It was a little better – a 2-10 loss to LSU here at home.

3. 1925, 0-13 loss to Tulane in Montgomery.

4. In 1931, we beat the Jesuits of Spring Hill College here, 27-7.

5. In 1942, we lost to Mississippi State in Birmingham, 0-6.

6. 1953 was the start of long line of Halloween match ups against Florida – we won the first, 16-7 in Auburn.

7. 1959. Here. 6-0 – us.

8. In 1964 we lost 14-0 in Gainesville.

9. We beat the hell out of the Gators – 63-14 – on Halloween 1970. The game saw the first Auburn touchdown, a kick-off return, scored by a black player, James Owens.

James Owens runs a kick off back for a touchdowin against Florida in 1970. It was the first Auburn touchdown scored by a black player.

10. In 1981, we beat Florida here – 14-12.

11. We beat them here in 1987, 29-6.

12. In 92, we tied Arkansas here, 24-24. It was our first regular season game against the Hogs. We beat them 21-15 in the 1984 Liberty Bowl.

13. And the last time we played on Halloween was 1998, a previous Season of Death. We lost to Arkansas here, 24-21.

—  [JDH – 6:57 p.m.]

*** This got lost in the depression of the weekend: Auburn High got their biggest win against Opelika in 30 years.

Also, um… Auburn is currently ranked #1 in the state.

That’s the first time that has happened in 42 years. And the first time ever as a 6A school.

Do it Baby Tigers. — [JDH – 11:01 a.m.]

*** Along those lines (those lines below), SkyBar is hosting a $1,000 Halloween costume contest tonight. Music (an acoustic set) provided by Phar Fletcher – [JDH – 10:32 a.m.]

*** Mother of pearl… The Auburner has created downloadable, assemble-your-selfable Halloween masks of the entire Auburn coaching staff. Jay Jacobs, too. I wonder if anyone will dress up as their self? – [JDH – 10:23 a.m.]

*** Seriously? You’re serious? You’re telling me that the screenwriter for “The Blind Side” found it to necessary to include “I find him extremely handsome” for Sandra Bullock’s character in reference to Nick Saban? And that that line is included in the recently released trailer for the movie?

– [JDH – 10:17 a.m.]

*** Walt McFadden wants his money back.

If Trahan doesn’t pay up, me thinks we could see a more violent version of McFadden’s “Pompano Jook.”

– [JDH – 7:34 a.m.]

*** Jennie’s comment on the similarities (I always thought he had that chiseled, Van Der Beekian look you want in a QB, but I suppose I can see tortured vampire)  + Halloween coming up + the best TWER comment ever:
Win or lose, I am marrying Chris Todd at halftime of the Iron Bowl…
… got me to thinking on all sorts of Photoshop possibilities.


But we need someone — WBE’s ‘Friend of the Blog’ Rod a la The Toddening fame?? — to take it to the next level, preferably before Saturday.
Vampires (sucking the blood of the season? shoulder surgery = reanimated corpse? Dr. James Andrews as Dr. Frankenstein?).
Twilight (of Auburn’s season? Todd’s carreer?).
The possibilities are endless.
Any takers?
– [JDH – 7:15 a.m.]

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