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  1. I think you’re being just a tad too harsh on Todd.
    1. His game and our offense has, and does depend a lot more on timing than gets written about. When our receivers have faced a physical opponent within 10 of the LOS, they’ve struggled to get open (as you point out), which reflects in Todd’s having time, but nothing to do with it.
    2. The play calling initially wasn’t what I was expecting (then again, Coach Malzahn isn’t calling me on Fridays for that insight), which I think coupled with #1 further disrupted Todd’s timing.
    I agree with 99% of what you’re saying….just think asking Todd to shoulder the blame over the defense and special teams is unusally tough.
    So what lesson do you think Coach Malzahn took out of Fayetteville that he puts in play this Saturday?

  2. Also with Joe Auburn: it seemed like more than a few key receptions in the WVU and Tennessee games were due to our receivers being uncannily resourceful, not necessarily due to good playcalls. They would come back to a hole in the zone when coverage had ’em beat, and Todd would find them for a shoulda-never-happened completion. Did we see much of that last weekend? If Todd didn’t have anyone to throw to, how can he be blamed for not throwing?

    Just a thought. And game 6 Chris Todd did make a lot of mistakes that games 1-5 Chris Todd never would have made. A real shame. I give it a fourteen point swing to Auburn if he had played on his game, even with the penalties and dropsies.

    I wish they would broadcast games entirely from that flying camera that faces downfield from the offense, so we could see receiver routes and coverages. We might be able to tell what was really going on… It’s extremely frustrating to watch half a football game, especially when we KNOW that brilliantly-positioned camera is filming the whole damn thing.

    War Eagle! Kick the Cats!

  3. face it, you guys got beat because you’re not that good.

    you’re like the 2007 Gamecocks……6-1 then lost their last 5 games.

    I see 7-5 for Auburn this year

  4. @ Malarky,

    8-4 would mean a loss to Bama (check) a win over Furman (check) and then two wins out of the following:

    1. vs. Kentucky
    2. at LSU
    3. vs Ole Miss
    4. at UGA

    If you take UGA as a win and a loss in Death Valley (though those are not as sure as the Bama and Furman games) that means we split the difference in Kentucky and Ole Miss. I’d take that right to the bank.

    And I think this Auburn team may have nine wins left in ’em. If we strap for action when Ole Miss comes to town – or hell, when we go to Death Valley – we have a damn fine shot at the win.

    Hogs got enough to worry about this weekend. Y’all better crack down on the handbags early.

  5. The problem I saw in the first half was we were not running the ball… We tried to get too cute, and did not stick to what brought us this far. ..I’ve said all along that we will win 9 games this year, Ill stick to that for now (but thinking it might be more)…Looks like the bammer cockroaches have infest this site also

  6. As far as my charting goes, guys, I don’t ding Todd for getting stuck behind the line with no one to throw to or even for checking down. But trust me: he missed a lot of throws this game in which he had open receivers, time to throw, and just misfired. He fumbled twice; he had one pass go right through a Hog’s hands (into Adams’) and another nearly pick-sixed; and aside from the long pass to Carr, the third quarter explosion had very little to do with Todd. It wasn’t just him–I mean, I did take the time to point out that the receivers were lacking, too, right?–but I don’t see how there’s any way to avoid the fact he had a bad, bad game.

  7. WDR, Malzahn tried a lot of screens and swings in that first half that didn’t work, it’s true, but those were the same plays that gashed Tennessee … and a couple of times they were open and ruined by poor execution (Fannin’s drop, Burns letting the pressure screw up his throw, Trott’s single missed block, etc.). I’ll agree that we should have seen a little bit more straightforward with the run game, but Malzahn was calling plays that have worked before and once you get into 2nd-and-12, it’s tough to run the ball.

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