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  1. The best part of writing a blog? Never having to deal with an editor. The worst part of writing a blog? There’s no editor to keep the following bloated, drunken, Paul Masson-swilling Orson Welles of a line from seeing the light of day:

    “I don’t see how that’s helpful for Coleman’s defensive teammates, who as far as I could tell played just ash ard last Saturday as he did and nearly all of whom–though Coleman’s “Haley Center” point about the stat sheet not telling the whole truth is perfectly apt, it has to be said, because I could see his teammates mumbling it under their breath–collected more tackles than he did.”

    We only bring it up because we know you can do better, and because we care. You’ve got the potential to be recognized as one of the best Auburn bloggers out there. Just give it a read-through next time.

    Strunk and White

    P.S. We would have just emailed you privately, but alas, we can find no way of doing that on this website. You’re welcome to delete this comment.

  2. Thanks, now I can tell my inner editor to simmer down and go back to grumbling about how no one would listen when I said narrative style news reporting was just a fad.

    Didn’t know if the email changed with your move to TWER.

  3. …..Don’t feel bad, Jerry! I got called out this week on comma-splices, by a Bama person with an all-lower case screen name. (Made me laugh, at the irony!) Football blogs ain’t English class…

  4. Comma splice?!? Can’t stand ’em myself–I much prefer colons and dashes to link my thoughts together–but anyone who’s that bothered by one had best not visit England, where from what I understand they’re perfectly correct grammar.

  5. Sw-al, I genuinely couldn’t care less. For starters, I’m well aware that some (ok, many) of my sentences run long, especially by CFB blog standards. I like to think I keep them all readable, but it’s not like it surprises me when one, well, isn’t. Second: after some of the comments I got last week, having just my self-editing called into question is kind of a refreshing change of pace.

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