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Krootin’ 10/27: Decision time?

Trovon Reed: t-minus 17 days?
Trovon Reed: t-minus 17 days?

Dyer: is that a wrap? Phillip Marshall drops some news on Michael Dyer’s commitment plans:

Dyer, 5-foot-9 and 200 pounds from Little Rock (Ark.) Christian Academy, will announce where he wants to go to college in about three weeks, during Week 10 of his season. An exact date or time has not been announced.

Unless that announcement winds up delayed for whatever reason, it’s hard to see how Dyer would end up committing to anywhere but Auburn. He’s been saying Auburn for months in capacities both official and unofficial. This is the firmest information we’ve gotten about an announcement date yet. We’re looking good, folks.

Just as a reminder of why this good freaking news (careful with the audio, as always):

Dyer also made headlines last week when he set the new Arkansas career rushing record, passing the 7,122-yard mark with a typical 18-carry, 175-yard performance for Little Rock Christian.

Reed: could that be a wrap? From J.C. Shurbutt’s blog at ESPN:

ESPNU150 wide receiver Trovon Reed (Thibodeaux, La./Thibodeaux) told ESPN affiliate EyeontheTigers.com over the weekend that he plans to announce his decision on Nov. 13, which is his birthday. He was in Baton Rouge for LSU’s 31-10 win against Auburn. Both teams are among his finalists and are considered the top two contenders with Auburn being the big favorite to land him.

So: Reed–a top 50 national prospect to basically everyone–has made up his mind. And Shurbutt hardly seems to be the only person who believes that mind is made up in Auburn’s favor–the Internet winds have been blowing in Auburn’s direction here for a while. (Shurbutt also recently said Auburn is in “excellent shape” for Reed.) But: it’s a little bothersome that it was LSU’s ESPN affiliate that broke the news, of course it’s not like Auburn was exactly impressive in that visit to Baton Rouge Reed had the “pleasure” of witnessing, and that the announcement comes directly on the heels of a visit to LSU is most worrying of all. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I don’t think this is a done deal just yet.

Mack. More from AuburnUndercover:

“It is a tie between Auburn and South Carolina for me now,” [Eric] Mack told us. “I am still committed to South Carolina, but I like Auburn a lot” …

Mack said he does not have a list of things Auburn, or any other school, would have to do to get him to sign.

“That is just something I have to figure out in my head,” he said. “Wherever I feel like I am the most at home is where I want to go.”

If you really want to squint at it, that last tiddly-bit might favor Auburn since Mack’s previously described Auburn as being more like “home” than his other suitors, but the story here is pretty much the same since the last time we touched on Mack’s recruitment: he clearly likes Auburn a lot, but has plenty of reasons to stay at Carolina, too. I’m not thinking we’re getting a decision from him any time soon.

Etc. Apparently Georgia’s telling recruits that Willie Martinez is sticking around. As the Dawg fans I’ve talked to would rather eat nails dipped in Robitussin than have Martinez return, I’m surprised this hasn’t made more of a stir.

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