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fAUllow Friday: Nicole Hage

In the same vein as the same-named Twitter trend, fAUllow Friday is a recurring column calling attention to notable Auburn alumni that readers may find interesting enough to follow on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. Thank you, thank you very much.

Nicole Hage. Par Exellence...

Imagine you’re a professional golfer. You’re in a tournament far from home. Maybe some of your putts just aren’t dropping. Maybe you’re a little frustrated. Maybe you approach your next shot and someone in the nearby crowd shouts, “War Eagle!” Maybe your day brightens, your focus narrows, and you’re reminded that even though you’re years and hundreds of miles removed from Auburn University, you’re not alone. For LPGA golfer and 2007 Auburn graduate Nicole Hage, there’s no maybe about it.“The best feeling for me is playing in a tournament, walking down the fairway and hearing ‘WAR EAGLE!’,” she says. “It’s a feeling of family and I don’t think there’s anything better than that.”

After a successful career at Auburn (Four-time All-American, NGCA All-Region, 2004 SEC Freshman of the Year, and multiple 1st and 2nd Team All-SEC Honors), Hage is entering her 3rd year on the LPGA Tour. This past April, she started a Twitter account in an effort to interact with fans and showcase day-to-day life in the LPGA.

“I think people want an insight on what professional athletes do,” she says, “and I think Twitter makes the fans feel like they’re involved with that person on a personal level.”

Unlike many athletes, Nicole takes her commitment to interact with fans seriously. She’s eager to give insight, answer questions, and genuinely allow fans to share in her experiences.

Hage reveals that during the less exciting times spent traveling on tour, she uses social media to keep up with friends and family as well as other areas of interests.

Chief among them?  Her love of all things Auburn.

“I am one of the biggest Auburn fans you’ll ever meet,” she says. “I just loved and cherished my time at Auburn and I want everyone to know what a great and special place it is.” Adding, “I personally use Twitter to keep up with Auburn Athletics, I like knowing how all the sports teams are doing.”

A true representative of the Auburn Spirit, Hage offers a warmly engaging account (tonight she’s cooking Mexican!) of her ongoing LPGA career. She encourages interested fans to follow and support her as she prepares for Qualifying School, December 2 through 6 down in Daytona Beach, Florida. On the line  is the opportunity to earn full tour status for the upcoming year.Be sure to check out her Tweets and wish her a hearty, “War Eagle!”

Get thee to a fairway...

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In 2003, a lifelong Auburn fan decided to get on TV by growing his hair out into a whitefro, sewing a horribly uncomfortable navy and tiger-striped jumpsuit, and attending the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament. He succeeded in getting on TV, but was surprised that folks (mistaking his ‘fro for a pompadour) referred to him as “Auburn Elvis.” One haircut and a cheap wig later a journey toward minor sports celebrity had begun. Auburn Elvis now regularly attend Auburn sporting events and maintains a serviceable blog that documents his quirky approach to fandom. In his column, fAUllow Friday, he recommends notable Auburn alumni to track of through social media sites. Write to him at [email protected].

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