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“Bodega Memories” – a documentary

Auburn student Sarah James is relaxed in this promotional photo for "Bodega Memories," a short film by Auburn student Alice Fraasa. The film was released Oct. 1.
Auburn student Sarah James is seen chillaxing in this promotional photo for "Bodega Memories." The short film from Auburn student Alice Fraasa was released Oct. 1.

Bodega, the pole-positioned anchor of downtown Auburn nightlife, is no more. This week’s Taco Tuesday was its last.

It was a blowout.

Communication major and aspiring TWER correspondent Alice Fraasa was there.

To see young Fraasa – still in the dawn of her senior year! – forced to deal with the sudden closing of her favorite college hangout brought back the memory of my own suffering when I learned in my final weeks as a freshman that the great Coffee Banque – the short-lived pearl of Tiger bohemia which inhabited the same spot!– was not long for this earth, this realm, this Auburn.

From great suffering comes great art.

Please to enjoy “Bodega Memories,” an Alice Fraasa Film.

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