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Ballot business, Week 8


1. Alabama. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they got outplayed and if they don’t happen to have the SEC’s answer to Mutant Cyborg Refrigerator Perry, they lose at home to Jonathan Crompton. But it’s not like Florida’s blowing anyone’s doors off these days.

2. Florida. All due respect for one of the game’s great players, but: if Tim Tebow deserves this year’s Heisman, I deserve the chancellorship of Prussia. (That’s right: he’s so undeserving it’d be like naming me the leader of a country you’d have to re-form out of German remnants just to have somewhere to name me the leader to. I went there.)

3. LSU. The way LSU’s quarterback is playing vis a vis the way Alabama’s quarterback is playing, that trip to Tuscaloosa suddenly looks verrrrrrry interesting.

4. South Carolina. ‘Cocks set the current 2009 standard for “closest escape vs. the worst Vanderbilt team of Bobby Johnson’s tenure” and they’re still fourth on this ballot. I don’t understand it either.

5. Ole Miss. Wow, who had any idea that giving the ball to Dexter McCluster 25+ times would be a good idea? Inconceivable! No one could have seen it coming! Talk about success coming completely out of left field! Talk about your leaps of faith! This is why Houston Nutt’s a genius!

6. Tennessee. Holy crap, the Crompton performance against Georgia wasn’t a fluke. Here’s five bucks that says the Vols wind up second in the East.

7. Kentucky. ‘Cats got outgained by almost 50 yards against UL-Monroe and won by 20-plus anyway, because when you have Randall Cobb returning punts and kicks those things just sort of happen sometime.

8. Georgia. My preview of the Cocktail Party–someone tell LSUFreek–would just be a fark of A.J. Green in one of those martial arts movies where one ninja takes on 30 dudes singlehandedly.

9. Arkansas. So, how’s that defensive renaissance comin’? Oh. Dexter McCluster? 25+ times, huh? Yeah.

10. Auburn. [insert witty comment here]

11. Mississippi St. The Bulldogs’ first five D-I home opponents make up a full third of the AP’s current top 15. And the sixth is No. 24 Ole Miss.

12. Vanderbilt. What mystic secret does Bobby Johnson hold over Steve Spurreir since he went to Carolina? Bizarre.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Iowa
4 Texas
5 TCU 1
6 Cincinnati 1
7 Georgia Tech 1
8 Southern Cal 1
9 Boise State 1
10 Oregon 1
11 Houston 1
12 Oklahoma State 1
13 LSU 2
14 Virginia Tech
15 Miami (Florida) 8
16 Notre Dame 2
17 Arizona 1
18 South Carolina 1
19 Penn State
20 Pittsburgh 4
21 Mississippi
22 Central Michigan
23 West Virginia
24 Ohio State 1
25 Utah
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: Texas Tech (#17), Oregon State (#20), Brigham Young (#21), Michigan (#23).

Pretty dull BlogPoll ballot this week. Few big wins or big losses meant last week’s ballot stayed pretty well intact through the top 20, with everyone taking a step up thanks to the Miami loss. Introduced a few new teams at the end who finally got a decent win (or enough mediocre ones) to break into the top 25.

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