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  1. On the Florida – MSU game, can anyone remember the last time Florida won in Starkville? Try 1985. Today’s players weren’t even born then. Although, I personally hope Florida pounds the Bulldogs, then Auburn will be the loan SEC team Tebow never beat.

  2. Jerry,
    I have heard rumors of Rollison getting some snaps with the first team. Have you heard anything? I am not advocating it or cursing it or looking to get into a big Chris Todd discussion. I actually think it is the wrong thing to do but would still be excited about it, I can’t help it. Thanks.

  3. AE, 1985? Whoa. Would not have guessed that.

    auburnstr, I haven’t heard anything, but I’m the very furthest thing from an insider. My gut says that until there’s a little more weight behind it this is the sort of thing that some random fan would naturally make up as a response to Todd looking so wobbly the last two weeks. But as I said in the preseason, if the coaches are convinced they can’t win with either Caudle or Todd, I don’t think they can flush the rest of the season just to preserve a year of Rollison’s eligibility.

  4. I’m also not trying to start anything- -however, it sure would explain some things if Todd had been hurt in UT game, and the coaches finally figured out that a change needed to be made. IF (big if) that is the case, you’d hope that Todd would pull a “Kodi” and do what’s best for the team. However, Kodi’s decision was made for him, and then he reacted positively to it. It’s probably pretty hard to make that decision of your own volition. It sure would make me feel better about Arky and KU if it was injury related. Not sure why, but I think it would.

    Now, let’s presume we are correct. Why would Caudle not be the answer? I think starting a true frosh, in death valley, on Saturday night- -could be disastrous. And potentially damage Rollison long term.

    Having said that- -I will say that in warmups Saturday night, Rollison throws a dart. Whereas all of Todd’s passes seemed to be high and/or wide.

  5. Good point, I would not think there would be any way we would throw a true freshman to the wolves in Baton Rouge. However, if Todd rang up strike #3 and looked bad Saturday night… At home against the mrs with Furman the week after looks to be the only possibility of using another QB this year outside of an injury situation.


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