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Auburn Art: TWER‘s photo contestants revealed!

We’d like to give a big “thank you” to all our photo contestants. We’re putting up a few for everyone to see. But do you know what’s awesome? A lot of folks just sent in a photo just ’cause. They already had tickets to the game. So, keep sending ’em in folks. (I feel a lot like Tom Bergeron on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” And that’s cool.) We’ll find a place for your photos on the site!

‘Auburn Honeymoon’

Auburn Honeymoon

Mr. Garanzuay sent in this photo of his “lovely bride and me on our Auburn Honeymoon in 2000.” The couple got married, went to Destin and returned to Auburn for the season opener against Wyoming. Mrs. Garanzuay wore her veil the entire game.

‘Shaker Horn’

I'm with the band

Ms. Bailey of Auburn sent in this photo of her nephew with Auburn’s marching band. She says her nephew “loves the band and knows everyone song the band plays.”

‘Shot from Samford’

Campus shot from Samford

Mr. Campbell sent in this photo that he took from the west side of the Samford clock tower.

’21st Birthday with the King’

Auburn Elvis

Our good friend, Auburn Elvis, sent in this shot of himself and his nephew (really cool aunts and uncles frequent our site it seems) before the Mississippi State game. Auburn Elvis said that it was his nephew’s 21st birthday that day but it had a rocky ending after the game since he “was brutalized by the bouncers at a local beverage establishment and had 10 staples in his head for having ‘too much fun.'” Let’s all hope that many better post-game celebrations are ahead for this poor fellow. TCB, sir! TCB!

[Ed. note — ah, an apology. The young man posing with Auburn Elvis is the nephew not of the King but of Mr. Trevor Hayes. The Reader regrets the error.]

‘Spirit and the Sky’

Upper deck photo

This is a lovely composition photo sent in by Mr. Martin of Enterprise, Ala.

‘Cats! Cats! Cats!’

Lazy Tiger

Tigers eatin' and stuff

These felines enjoy heaping bowls of Tiger Meat (wildcat?). Sent in by Mr. Big Sexy of Washington, D.C.

And finally … ‘Auburn Baby Reacts to Season’

Our winner!

closeup of shocked baby

Our winning entry from Mr. Morris from Smyrna, Ga. In panel 1, our hero, a baby, is giddy from the 5-0 start.

In panel 2 … well … the kid doesn’t like what he sees in the sixth game. Just a bump in the road, right? Right?

Panel 3 is what Mr. Morris says is what “we hope the rest of the season is like.” Auburn babes happy and giggling, full from the milk of sweet victory.

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