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I Wanna Have Aubie’s Kittens

aubie's kittens

Photo by Zac Henderson Want more photos from the Ole Miss game? Go here. Did you see something AUsome? Weird? Today? Whenever? Send it to us at [email protected] … Keep Reading: * Dr. Dre’s Auburn hat * LSU girls love Auburn men, says HBO’s “Treme” * Auburn fan selling Toomer’s …

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The Gameday post, Ole Miss

Yo' ass, in the library, with my bare effin' hands.

POSTGAME — Repeated as below: if Zac Etheridge isn’t all right, today is not a good day. — That said: Hell yes! War Eagle! Crow never tasted so good. — This is the end of the griping about Ted Roof and the defense, right? 13 points (and a net of …

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Friday preview: Ole Miss

I'm so happy Auburn gets to face this guy right as Ole Miss is figuring out he's their best player.

What’s at stake: Barring the biggest upset in the Iron Bowl since God/the Bear (for Tide fans: delete as applicable) was a boy, Auburn has only two chances remaining to claim a winning regular season (and avoid Shreveport/Pizza Bowl ignominy), and only one of them is at home. So, yeah, …

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The LSU recap, charting pictures and analysis

stunt fail 1

PICTURES We know Auburn’s had problems all season containing quarterbacks on the run, especially scrambles on third down. When even the clod-footed likes of Ross Jenkins and Ryan Mallett can break loose for crushing third-and-long conversions against you, you’ve got a problem. And though Jordan Jefferson was always going to …

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Trick or Treat at Spectrum, 1999


Auburn alumnette Katie Kat (then Meadows) Barrier of The Pine Hill Haints chattin’ it up with Vicki at Spectrum, Halloween ’99. Maybe 2000 but I think ’99. Picture by ??? Did you see something AUsome? Weird? Today? Whenever? Send it to us at [email protected]

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