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Welcome to War Blog Eagle

Hi, and welcome to War Blog Eagle, the Auburn athletics blog of the War Eagle Reader. I’m Jerry. You probably know me from the late, lamented Joe Cribbs Car Wash.

If you do, you probably already have a good idea of what you’re going to be able to read here at WBE: the best-written, most comprehensive, highest-quality Auburn fanblog on the ‘Net. It ain’t braggin’, ’cause it’s the truth. (Well … OK. It’s braggin’.)

These are thrilling times for Auburn fans. Our football team is days away from making its debut under our first new head coach in a decade, and promises to feature the most creative and potentially explosive offense we’ve seen on the Plains since Al Borges’ salad days. The defense is thin on bodies but long on potential stars and (what we believe to be) outstanding coaching. Questions remain–they have to, until Saturday at least–about Gene Chizik’s game-day coaching acumen, but at the very least he has already forged a united, unified team that we can trust to play as hard as possible–and as hard as possible for each other–for 60 minutes. The steps forward in the win-loss column may be relatively minor this season, but the steps forward in how much we enjoy watching our Auburn Tigers should be wide, wide, wide.

And that’s just football season. Our men’s hoops team, after so many years of flatlining, is showing a vibrant and healthy pulse again. The women’s team is coached by the best women’s coach in the SEC that doesn’t have her home court already named after her. The swim program remains the swim program, baseball should push forward again in Year 2 of the John Pawlowski era, and you should probably know (if you’ve missed it) that Auburn has a ton more varsity athletics programs worth following and celebrating.

So we’ll do exactly that. Just as soon as football season’s over.

In short: if you are an Auburn fan–or even if you’re a rival fan who merely has an interest in what’s going on at Auburn–this is a place you’ll want to be this fall, and beyond. It’ll be fun. I’ll make sure of it.

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