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This Week at TWER, 9/22

A weekly look around The War Eagle Reader to make certain you, dear reader, haven’t missed anything.


That’s not a bad way to pass the Famous Jordan-Hare Rain Delay of 2009 at all, is it? Fortunately, the good people of Auburn and TWER spent their rain delay doing all sorts of things, like …

Shooting video: Example the first, example the second. Ah, the joy: it’s like a much briefer, Auburn-centric, family-friendly version of Woodstock. Or something.

Snapping pictures: TWER’s Zac Henderson took the shot above and a cool glimpse of how deep the rivers were flowing in J-Hare. Kevin Strickland shot a entire gallery ‘s worth of pictures from before, during, and after the game, like this one of Byron Isom:

West Virginia Game  581

And just for good measure, weve got a gallery from the downtown pregame block party.

Checkin’ out the scene: Auburn student Ben Bartleby (who you may know from combo Auburn/Tennessee football blog The Pigskin Pathos) was almost caught in the deluge, but he got distracted:

I wish I could say I was one of those loyal fans who sang and danced in the rain before the game. It looked like lots of fun. But I didn’t. I stood beside a trash can on the concourse and watched Rasheem Barrett seduce drunk white girls.

There’s more where that came from at that link–including a profile of one heroically intense Auburn fan–as Ben shows why I couldn’t be happier to have him aboard here at the site.

Pregame. If you missed John Comer’s pre-West Virginia “Shug Life” column, it’s a shame, because it’s as clear a look as you’re going to get at the leftover rage and bile from the treatment Auburn’s fans received in Morgantown last year. It even has a sound:

The second half shall be entered into the Tomes of Football Lore as: “Blood and Thunder”!!!

I don’t really know metal, but I know what kind of revenge I like.

Speaking of music … lead editor Jeremy Henderson profiled Vulture Whale bassist and Auburn diehard Keelan Parish on the eve of last weekend’s show at The Indepedent. TWER’s featured video also took time this week to spotlight The Pine Hill Haints, who–in addition to being utterly awesome and a personal favorite–were also playing in town over the weekend. Jeremy also got to learn about how the Haints got deported from England and how happy they were to be playing Auburn again.

Columns. If you missed it the first go-round, now’s the time to read Kevin’s totally accurate depiction of a day in the life of Gus Malzahn. Dr. Jolley examines 2009 Auburn football through the lens of Immanuel Kant (and the somewhat grubbier lenses of ESPN360 and Gametracker), and Jennie Henderson reviews Tiger Beer. All quality.

Etc. It’s a bus I’d love to catch.

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