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This Week at TWER, 9/15

Oh man. How I freaking miss you, Auburn.
Oh man. How I freaking miss you, Auburn.

So: welcome to a new weekly feature here at WBE, where we take a quick look around our home site, the glorious War Eagle Reader. Why a look around a site that you’re already visiting? Because TWER has just that much that you need to look at and I just know you haven’t looked at it all.

Because this is the initial edition of this feature, we’re actually going to look a bit further back than a week and rather than just list links, I’m actually going to organize them. Watch:

Columnists: Sooooooo much awesome. For starters, we’ve got John Magruder, who you may remember from the blog Grotus’ Acorn. The Mississippi St. game was his first chance to sit and watch the Spread Eagle 2.0 do its thing, and here’s his reaction:

And then the fact that we are either unable or unwilling to stop scoring.  God knows we have suffered through years of get-the-lead-and-cling-to-it-desperately, live-to-punt heart-breakers the past few seasons.  It is so good to see a Tiger offense that not only wants to score, but expects to every time they take the field.  What’s more, I don’t think there is any offense other than this one that could get Ben Tate, Onterio McCalebb, and some combination of Eric Smith, Mario Fannin and Kodi Burns on the field at the same time.  I honestly worried about how we could utilize our glut of running backs in a shotgun-based offense.  I was worried that Fannin and Burns would have to compete for Wildcat snaps.  Not anymore!  Can you imagine what we would have been like if, in 2003 and 2004, we’d run the Wildcat with Cadillac, Ronnie, and Brandon Jacobs?  Madness, sirs and madams, beautiful madness.

I was speechless at the end of the game, but now I can’t say enough.  As my Dad said, this offense is like having five hundred dollars in your pocket: there’s not much you can’t do.  We’re probably about 65% now with the execution of our game plan – what will we be capable of when we’re even at 80%?

I love it.  I want some more.

John also has columns on the opening week and on why Hannibal and his enemies are like Auburn and Alabama, and he’s right. Excellent stuff.

Just like the stuff from TWER 1.0 writer John Comer in his column–and this is the best name for an Auburn column ever, hands-down, no argument–“Shug Life.” This week John celebrated the State victory with a Malzahn-esque beer, and he’s already written about the need for The Toro and Kenny Chesney’s college football bigamy.

And for something a little different, renowned Auburn U. professor of philosophy Dr. Kelly Jolley discusses the ways in which “fandom” becomes “fandumb,” and I find myself agreeing with him even as I display a lot of the symptoms described.

On the Ground. I may live and write far, far away, but TWER has plenty of people who are livin’ the moment on the Plains, as it were. Kevin Strickland is reporting on how much fun Auburn games are these days and taking photos that should be iconic sooner rather than later. we’ve got eyes elsewhere, too: Robert S. Donovan was there to shoot the Toomer’s celebration following the State game as well as the Gameday scene in two parts. Zac Henderson’s gallery from the La. Tech pep rally is still a must-look-at as well.

More photos. The Photo of the Day is something you should check out … well, once a day. Highlights thus far: a tattoo as sweet as you’ll ever see, a Jay Leno-quality sign misplacement, and of course the life-size poster of Bo.

Music. All local, all the time: Sally Tee profiles Roof Rabbit and columnist Hardy Gilbert discusses how he started finding his way in the late-80s Auburn music scene.

History. Fearless leading editor and longtime Auburn history buff Jeremy Henderson is still doing his thing, scaring up 70-year-old letters to the first man to ever score in Jordan-Hare (sample word: “damnyankee,” sample phrase: “newfangled contraption”) and articles on Auburn football from an 1897 issue of Harper’s. Jennie Henderson–yes, relation–also turned up an ad for the “Auburn Slimorama” from the 1960 Plainsman. Mad Men fans will approve.

Food. Speaking of Jennie, her “Salt of the Turf” column should be a go-to stop for Auburn tailgating stories and recipes. The debut features the plans of Auburn’s Vaughan family and a recipe for Blue Cheese Cole Slaw that I really think I’m going to have to try.

That should give you enough reading for a little while, right?

We’ll do this again next week.

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