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  1. After rewatching the game last night, two things stuck out to me. First, luck has been on our side this year. Somehow we are avoiding the wrath of the football gods, despite tempting them with fumbles and sure interceptions. Second, Todd threw some good, crisp passes which makes me feel better about his arm than I did after that floater towards the endzone in the first half.

  2. “but every routine, easy catch Auburn’s receivers had to make, they made”

    Whaaaat? Adams had two chest-high good-for-a-first passes bounce off of his hands–and both on third down. I mean, I’m generally as happy as anybody with the way the kid has come on this year, but like they say, “you gotta catch those.”

  3. Yeah, I think intelligent minds can differ on how to interpret those plays. I think the first one was more on Todd, the second more on Adams, but I won’t really argue if you want to say Adams should have caught both of them. He definitely should have made a play on at least one of them.

  4. I liked the effort Neiko Thorpe exhibited on that pick 6. He got out in front of Coleman and drove his shoulder into the defender in the midst of big traffic. Huge cahones there as he could easily have been squashed in the scrum. And who knows what happens if Coleman is ruled out of bounds. Most likely another TD for Burns, but I’m just sayin…

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