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Sittin’ down at the BlogPoll roundtable

One of the many (oh, so many) perks of being a BlogPoll member is that we’re occasionally asked to participate in one of these fun Internet Roundtable thingies, where another member asks a quick series of questions and everyone else responds on their respective blogs in a broad exchange of ideas and information. Or something.

Anyway, this week’s questions come from Va. Tech blog CollegeGameBalls.

1. Which freshman impressed you more last weekend: the California dream Matt Barkley who quarterbacked USC over tOSU, or white lightning Tate Forcier who slashed through Notre Dame? Which one would you like to have on your team? Feel free to write in another worthy candidate.

Given that Auburn already has two freshmen quarterbacks who I can easily see ably leading the Auburn offense as soon as next season, could we pass on Forcier/Barkley (incredible as they are) and steal someone else’s freshman at a different position? Namely, this Vontaze Burfict kid from Arizona St., who looks like he’d give our puddle-thin linebacking corps another much-, much-needed weapon.

I do have to point out, though, that after two weeks, I’d take Auburn’s own Onterio McCalebb–and his 262 yards, two touchdowns, and 6.9 yards-per-carry average–over any non-QB freshman in the country.

2. Let’s play a game of pretend the unthinkable happened. Commissioner __________ of your conference has been forced to resign after he was caught canoodling with some harlots. Great news, you’ve been chosen to succeed him. To make your mark you decide to make a big change. What is it going to be?

Commissioner Jerry would make waves by becoming the first conference commissioner to throw a childlike hissy fit over the announcers selected to broadcast his league’s football games, as he would publicly declare the SEC’s lucrative new television contract with ESPN null and void unless the WWL agrees to a single demand–that Ron Franklin take over the Saturday night prime-time SEC telecast for as long as he is physically able. Petulant, unprofessional, a fireable offense? Yes. Perfectly justified? Also yes.

Also, I’d rearrange the SEC scheduling policies so that one divisional opponent rotated off the schedule each year and another cross-divisional opponent became a permanent fixture so Auburn would play Florida every season again (and ‘Bama-Vandy, etc.), but the Franklin thing would be more important.

3. This week the quality of games is kicked up a gear. Other than your own, which game are you most looking forward to?

I know most SEC fans will take the Florida-Tennessee public execution, but as I’m not all that into ritualized slaughter and find both Kiffin’s willingness to put his own players in harm’s way and Meyer’s schoolyard grudge-holding repellent, I’m much more excited about Arkansas-Georgia. This is the game where we find out if Ryan Mallett and the rest of the Hogs are the terrifying offensive machine they’ve been made out to be this offseason and what kind of team Richt really has at Georgia after their schizophrenic first two weeks. Both teams have a ton of questions to answer, and a night game in Fayetteville seems like a nexcellent time to ge ta whole bunch of them answered. (Tonight’s Miami-Ga. Tech game should be some fine, fine fare as well.)

4. What mascot and/or tradition would you thieve from another school if it was socially acceptable?

There’s not a mascot out there that would top the ones we’ve got (for God’s sake, even LSU fans know it), so I’ll go with something else: some kind of “leaving the tunnel” tradition. The Fog of Intimidation-slash-fireworks show Auburn’s used the last few seasons has been acceptable, even cool after a fashion, but you compare it to Carolina’s “2001” bit or Michigan’s touching of the banner or Clemson’s coming down the hill by Howard’s Rock and I feel like we could do a little bit better.

I’ve got it: a statue of Shug with a hand outstrecthed that the playerrs high-five as they run onto the field. Pure gold, man. (The idea. Not the statue.)(And not really.)

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