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Plainslinks puts in its few minutes, takes the day off

Please Trooper don't hurt'em.

Let’s do that again. Picture above is from the Friday pep rally and courtesy TWER’s own Zac Henderson; there’s a bunch more where that came from.

We demand satisfaction. Between the win Saturday and the Owens commitment yesterday, it’s a mighty nice Labor Day to be an Auburn fan. Even better has been the rush of pundits and bloggers congratulating Gene Chizik on his team’s comfortable dismissal of a team many were picking to pull the upset. I mean, it’s understandable that a head coach so many have doubted (yours truly certainly included) winning his first game by 24 points and seeing his team rackup a 311-yard margin on an 8-5 team with 16 starters back would be a huge story, so when you look around and see all the …

… hey … where are the kudos? Hello? Anybody out there?

Not that I necessarily expect any national writers to look beyond the name “Louisiana Tech,” but surely well-informed SEC bloggers can tell the difference between blowing out a team that beat Mississippi St. last year and, say, a 2-10 MAC team or Jackson St.? 

What about Kentucky, Mississippi State, Auburn, Arkansas and Vanderbilt? They cruised past Miami (OH) (42-0), Jackson State (45-7), Louisiana Tech (37-13), Missouri State (48-10) and Western Carolina (45-0), respectively. Do any of those scores impress you?

CNF’s a quality blogger who  deserves the benefit of the doubt on this one, but still, am I really being all that homerrific in thinking the trouncing of a bowl-bound team like Tech is at least as big a deal as, say, horse-whipping a Western Kentucky team that’s probably the worst team in D-I? (OK, so even Phil Steele’s computer says not quite, but still, it does say Auburn had the 12th-best performance in the country this weekend. Score.)

Oh well. When this week’s score is very, very different from 3-2, maybe the comparison will wake people up.

He wants you to know. Chizik knows you think he had his fun glands removed. But they’re still intact and functioning normally.

Recappin’. Acid Reign does his post-game thing over at Track’Em. Apparently Trott had a great game blocking on the edge; I’ll keep an eye out on my rewatch. (Speaking of which, Auburntron has a place where you can do that yourself if you’d like.)

Presser. Couple more notes from Chizik’s Sunday afternoon time with the press:

  • The absence of Eltoro “The Toro” Freeman from the bench doesn’t mean anything. He just happened to not be on the bench. And he could be back this week.
  • Not surprisingly, the punt return job is open again. I’m hoping Fannin holds onto it; fumble or no fumble, he seems like the most explosive candidate back there.
  • Blake and Benton will be more involved in the future. (Though they had three balls thrown in their direction that I remember. They were out there.)
  • Fairley just plain beat out Blanc for the starting nod.

Yeah, it’s a positive. Via WRAS, five-star superback recruit Michael Dyer names his “Top 1” on local TV:

I wouldn’t read too much into that–Dyer’s planning on taking a long round of visits this fall, from what I understand–but he’s said for a while that Auburn’s out in front and if they’re still the only name he feels comfortable offering up on the spot like that, I’d say they still are.

Etc. The Auburner compares and contrasts the Blount punch with something a little closer to home … Pam Ward is still Pam Ward … and Shug Jordan assistant Charlie Waller has passed away.

Enjoy your holiday. This’ll do it for WBE today as the Mrs. WBE and I enjoy the day off. (Sightseeing!)  If you’re bored, you can reread the two posts from yesterday. Back in force tomorrow.

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