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Krootin’, 9/22

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Well, that’s encouraging. I haven’t followed recruiting for all that long (and you can find pl-enty of people who follow it a lot more closely than I do), but it seems to me like pretty airtight logic that if a recruit

1. takes a visit to a school

2. immediately announces that he’s made a decision

that that decision will be in favor of the school that’s just been visited. I mean, they wouldn’t have seen anything there to convince them that some other school was the one they ought to choose, right?

Now, five-star All-Everything tailback Michael Dyer hasn’t technically announced that he’s made a decision or set a firm announcement date. But he has stated that an announcement will come during his senior season, probably in the next few weeks. That this bit of news comes directly in response to a visit to the Plains is good news for Auburn. This quote:

“It’s going to be hard to fill (Ben Tate)’s shoes but I’m going to try my best”

is good news for Auburn. That Dyer has kept Auburn as his leader–remember the impromptu TV interview where Auburn was the only name Dyer felt comfortable mentioning?–for weeks and even months now is probably the best news for Auburn.

Because if he follows through with his plan to commit in the very near future, it’s hard to see how it’ll be anyone besides Auburn. That’s still a legitimate “if”–Dyer could always change his mind, and if he’s been steadfast about having Auburn on top of his list, he’s said a couple of different things about how many visits he’d take and where, which, like, hey, fine with me, take all you want–and the standard caveat about anything happening between now and Signing Day goes here … but right now Chizik and Co. have to feel pretty good about getting Dyer aboard.

(Which, it goes without saying, would be huge. Dyer would become Auburn’s highest-ranked recruit since there became such a thing as recruiting rankings. Thanks to ESPN, you can even call him the No. 1 running back in the nation, if you’d like. And if I don’t think guys like Dontae Aycock or Fannin would just hand over the “Tate” role in the offense without a fight, the job will be open.)

Well, that’s interesting. Auburn seemed to make some headway with four-star South Carolina offensive lineman Eric Mack back in those heady summer Big Cat Weekend days, but Mack has some serious family ties to Carolina–as in, he has a daughter kind of ties–and eventually committed to the Gamecocks.

He was on the Plains for the West Virginia game, though, and came away declaring Auburn his leader and discussing a possible decommitment. As Mack is, you know, an offensive lineman, this is awfully nice to hear.

However: for the time being, Mack’s still committed to SC. None of the reasons that helped lead him to that decision have changed. Not to play armchair psychologist, but clearly Mack likes Auburn a lot–whether that’ll end up being enough to earn his signature, we’ll have to wait and see.

Well, that’s … something. I mentioned in this space last week that Georgia DT Mike Thornton would be  a key visitor amongst this week’s crop of, um, visitors, so it’s interesting to see him offer up to the AJC not just his comments on Auburn but on his trip to Athens the week prior:

“It was great,” he said of his first trip to Athens. “It was something I never expected. I didn’t expect to be as big or as crowded or as loud as it was.”

Of Auburn, he said, “It was great, too. Of course there was a weather delay and a lot of rain. I think as far as playing and everything Auburn looks like they’re pretty set. They looked good. As far as the fans, Georgia has great fans, great tailgaters. Altogether though, Auburn might have the greatest fans because, even though it was raining and wet outside, their fans were still out there in droves and cheering them on.”

He’ll likely return to both Auburn and Georgia on official visits as well. He said he does not plan any more unofficial visits.

“Right now I’d say it’s still a tie between the two,” Thornton said of Auburn and Georgia. “I want to get back over there and see their practices and compare what that’s like.”

I keep trying to parse out if one school or the other comes off better in those snippets, and I honestly can’t. He’s a smart one, this Thornton. (Which, duh: he’s graduating early and a January enrollee.)

Etc. Beaver wraps up some of the other news coming out of the weekend …  Auburn still leads for Dyer teammate Dakota Mosley, who’ll supposedly play offensive line for Auburn and is therefore by definition a major recruit for Chizik and Co.

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