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Ballot business, Week 2

WBE’s BlogPoll ballot for Week 2:

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Southern Cal 2
4 Alabama 1
5 Brigham Young 1
6 Penn State 1
7 California 2
8 Boise State 3
9 Mississippi 1
10 LSU 4
11 Houston
12 Miami (Florida) 2
13 Georgia Tech 4
14 TCU 1
15 Missouri 5
16 Michigan
17 Cincinnati 4
18 Nebraska 2
19 Baylor 3
20 Oklahoma State 16
21 Oklahoma 3
22 Arkansas 3
23 Notre Dame 11
24 Auburn
25 Ohio State 12
Last week’s ballot
Dropped Out: South Carolina (#23), Florida State (#24), Virginia Tech (#25).

Holy hell, even I know that ballot looks like hot mess. I’ll try to explain:

1-2: These are your top two until such time as they stop looking like it. (I know Texas screwed around for a half, but how big was that game for Wyoming vs. how big it was the ‘Horns?)

3-5: Ranked in terms of value of their victories. Winning at Ohio St. is still a little better than winning over Va. Tech on a neutral site.

6-9: My guess as good the country’s next-best four teams, but your mileage may seriously vary. Ole Miss has proven the least of the four, so they go 9th.

10-19: All of these teams save Nebraska have at least one quality scalp on the wall. Just tried to balance the impressiveness of their wins, the quality of the opponent(s) defeated, and my guess as to the quality of the team as best I could.

20-23, 25: Here come the teams with a “1” in the right hand column that still had enough juice to stay in the poll. Beating Georgia, crushing Nevada, hanging with USC, being Oklahoma … that’s still more to recommend these teams than the ones behind them. And oh, as for Arkansas, the Hogs will move up with a quickness once they play a game.

24: At first I had Auburn ranked higher–best offensive performance in the country to date, after all–but with La. Tech taking the pipe against Navy, even I have to admit the teams in front of them either have a much better win to their credit or (in the case of Oklahoma and Arkansas) are still big favorites over my Tigers until such time as Auburn shows it can handle a team of that caliber. Hopefully I can give them their due next week.

Waitlist: Kansas’s road demolition of UTEP was impressive; they’ll probably sneak in next week.

As an aside: the dream of the BlogPoll becoming a saner, smarter, more aware alternative to the mainstream polls died this week when Houston was ranked behind Oklahoma St. The margin was smaller than in the mainstream polls, but still, that’s like saying driving your car off the Brooklyn Bridge was a smarter decision than driving it into the Grand Canyon. I’m embarrassed for all of us.

On to Week 2 of …


1. Florida. Troy sacrificed the Bowling Green game looking ahead to the Gators, and Florida still reduced them to the cedar chips I used to use to line my hamster’s cage.

2. Alabama. Wow, you guys sure suck at kickoff coverage! More like “Hole (in your kickoff coverage) Tide”! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

3. Ole Miss. I’m sure the Rebels are grateful for the extra week of preparation before the big showdown with Southeastern Louisiana this weekend.

4. LSU. As home openers go, there’s worse things than shrugging off Vandy. But the days of thrashing the likes of Virginia Tech seem further behind Miles than ever, don’t they?

5. Arkansas. I’m sure the Hogs are grateful for the extra week of rest after their grueling showdown against Missouri State.

6. Auburn. Malzahn has tossed the gauntlet down: keep up with us if you can, suckers.

7. South Carolina. ‘Cocks probably shouldn’t go in front of Georgia. But if that game’s on a neutral field, Carolina wins by 10, and the ‘Cocks weren’t the ones losing their Week 1 non-conference road game, were they?

8. Georgia. This is a dangerous statement to make given Richt’s road record, but I’m making it anyway: no freaking way Cox and Co. keep up with Petrino’s bunch (off a bye week!) in Fayetteville.

9. Kentucky. Shutout of Miami looks slightly less impressive after Boise did the exact same thing.

10. Tennessee. Hope Tyler Bray is worth it, Kiffykins. (Wait. No I don’t.)

11. Vanderbilt. Offensive revolution lasted all of a week, but I’m not putting another 6-6 season past Bobby Johnson for a second.

12. Mississippi St. Margin of defeat wasn’t encouraging, but the difference in Bulldogs’ level of offensive coaching is staggering.

Check it: five of the top six teams on my ballot are from the West. When did that happen?

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