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Ballot business, Week 1

Yours truly and WBE will be taking part in not one, not two, not four, but three different bloggin’ ranking exercises this season. You’re probably familiar with the granddaddy of all bloggin’ ranking exercises, the OG BlogPoll as administered by MGoBlog‘s Brian Cook (and during college basketball season, by yours truly). You might also be familiar with the SEC Power Poll, now in its third season under the supervision of CNF and housed at Team Speed Kills, and Senator Blutarsky’s experimental Mumme Poll at Get The Picture.

The Mumme Poll won’t kick off until after Week 6, but here’s my BlogPoll and SECPP ballots after Week 1:

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama 1
4 Oklahoma State 1
5 Southern Cal 2
6 Brigham Young 3
7 Penn State
8 Mississippi 2
9 California 3
10 Miami (Florida)
11 Boise State
12 Notre Dame 12
13 Ohio State 1
14 LSU 2
15 TCU
16 Nebraska 2
17 Georgia Tech 2
18 Oklahoma 10
19 Arkansas 3
20 Missouri
21 Cincinnati
22 Baylor
23 South Carolina
24 Florida State
25 Virginia Tech 12
Last week’s ballot
Dropped Out: Illinois (#6), Iowa (#17), Georgia (#20), North Carolina State (#21), Rutgers (#23), Southern Miss (#25).


— My general guiding rule was to rank based on the quality of opponent defeated and overall Week 1 performance, up until the point where I feel completely confident Team A would beat Team B. So Florida and Texas stay ahead of Alabama, Okie St., and USC–who I think they would beat–but those three stay ahead of BYU, who I don’t think could beat them. But within that grouping of three, USC played a WAC snack while the Tide and OSU played real teams, so the Trojans go fifth. I hope that makes some kind of sense.

— That flier I took on Illinois worked out just peachy keen, didn’t it? The lesson here, children–especially compared to the results at places like Missouri and Cincinnati, where the coaches returned precious little and are spinning gold anyway–is that coaching really is that important.

— At least BYU–who I had in the top 10 already–and Oregon (who I didn’t rank) made me look smart. Thanks, Cougars.

— Yes, that’s Miami going from outside the poll to No. 10. ‘Canes were the only team this week to beat a top-25 quality team in a true road game, and if Harris is going to play like that they’re in for the long haul.

— C’mon: you have to be impressed with Notre Dame cutting a good Nevada team’s heart out like that.

— I wish I had someone better to slot into that No. 13 spot, but every other team behind the Buckeyes and Bayou Bengals either spent their week in glorified exhibition mode, didn’t play (what’s up with that, TCU?), or, in the case of Oklahoma, lost.

— 20-23 are BCS-conference teams that won over a fellow BCS-conference school, in Cincy, Baylor, and SC’s case on the road. That counts for something.

— I thought FSU and Va. Tech were proven enough commodities and proved enough even in defeat to earn a spot in the poll, but they’ll probably be passed next week as a few unproven teams grab a second win.

— Teams like, yes, Auburn, along with Tennessee and Michigan.

— More likely future participants at some stage down the road: Texas Tech and Kansas, whose pedigree over the last couple of years should be worth a spot in the poll, right? But I despise their scheduling–Lech and Mangino have feasted on cupcakes for years, and that’s not a fat joke in Mangino’s case–and I’d 10 times rather reward a team like Baylor that does something in September besides practice.

On to …


1. Florida. Meyer was right: Charleston Southern played some tremendous defense Saturday.

2. Alabama. Boy, they sure missed Glen Coffee, didn’t they?

3. Ole Miss. Letting Memphis hang around means they’re not ready for the big boys, just like losing to Vandy in ’08 meant they didn’t have a prayer against Florida.

4. LSU. 5 per rush, 9 per-pass–the LSU offense wasn’t all that bad. The defense just never gave them the ball.

5. Arkansas. Over/under on “Hog-wild” headline puns this season, given how good this offense looks: 67

6. South Carolina. Garcia remains as inscrutable as ever, but (as mentioned above) a road W over a quality opponent is worth more on the resume than what the rest of the league has.

7. Georgia. Does anyone think this offense has a prayer of keeping up with Petrino’s bunch in two weeks?

8. Auburn. Oooohhhh I – Hi, WHOOOOAAA-HO I’M STILL ALIVE [/vedder]

9. Tennessee. Crompton did get his two picks in, I hope you noticed.

10. Vanderbilt. If there’s one I-AA skull-crushing that I thought was worth noting, it was Vandy’s, because when does Vandy crush anyone’s skull?

11. Kentucky. Miami OF OHIO (they hate that) may have been a 2-10 MAC team, but those of us waiting on Kentucky to finally, truly regress from the Woodson years are still kind of waiting.

12. Mississippi St. Kudos to the Bulldogs for keeping their cupcake paycheck in-state and helping out a cash-strapped SWAC squad.

The final poll results for Week 1 are up and available here. Auburn placed ninth, which, you know, whatever, there’s reason to back  any team between No. 5 and 11. But I do have to wonder if the Tennessee love is a bit preamture. We’ll see.

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