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What would Peggy Olson think of Auburn’s slenderizing salon?

Peggy, you're a woman. I want you to drive down to Auburn and tell us if it works.

The Sunday night crack rock that is AMC’s Mad Men had TWER HQ digging with nostalgic gusto for a certain ad from The Auburn Plainsman, circa 1960 – the same year that America’s favorite fictional flowering feminist, Peggy Olson, was given her first almost-real assignment: To go home and test “The Relaxerciser.”


Apparently the Mad Men writers do their homework…

Because at the new Auburn Slimorama, located at 410 S. Gay, where their modern counterparts nosh $20 fried chicken with sides of Mascarpone macaroni and cheese (Amsterdam Café), women in Auburn’s 1960s were, indeed, invited to simply stand, sit, or straddle, fully-clothed, while similarly-conceived coin-operated “slenderizing equipment” shook and rubbed them thin.

auburn slimorama
Was this the coed's War Eagle Theater???

Did it work? Or were results at the Slimorama likewise… mixed?

Either way, we can’t imagine it lasted long.

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